Canning in a kitchen is one thing, but canning off-grid with no power or running water is a whole new challenge for the modern day prepare.  Whether you're homesteading, or preparing for a worst case scenario, you need to understand how to preserve your food so you can consume it at a later date.

This video will guide you through everything you need to know how to safely prepare and can your food, even when there is no power, and you find yourself truly off-grid. 

In this DVD:

 • Which way out of three different canning methods, is likely to kill you?
• How has bacteria mutated since Grandma used to can, and how does that affect you?
• How to can raw meat, and why some meat has to be canned differently.
• Why canning milk and eggs should be avoided.
• When to use different canning methods.
• How to can berries, vegetables, fruit, meat off-grid.
• How to blanch tomatoes
... and so much more

if the grid went down, could you preserve your garden off-grid?

Prepping doesn’t have to always be about doom and gloom.  In fact, astute survivalists will take the opportunities to prepare for the worst, while keeping a positive mindset… Then morph those opportunities into team building and family bond-building scenarios, just like the experts from our latest DVD did.  Learn to can, and do it as a family!

first 200 orders come with Canning for beginners cook book (pdf download)


Join us July 18th as we step back from the dark side of survival and into the practical (and fun) side of self reliance in our latest featured Off-Grid CanninG!  condensed and  Clearly explained in our 48 minute video..

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Total Runtime: 48 minutes

Some of the information on this video may be dangerous, or  illegal in your area. Check with your local law enforcement or attorneys before attempting anything on this video. You are responsible for your own actions. No one associated with this content has any liability to any person or entity with respect to loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by any advice or information provided herein. This video is for entertainment purposes and is not a substitute for proper training or legal advice.