The doctor-prescribed medical kit with emergency Rx

Talk with our doctors online, and get basic prescription medications now — before you need them

Accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSA) & Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

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Handle medical emergencies with confidence — at home or on the road

Treat common medical issues off-grid with essential Rx medications — prescribed in advance by our doctors and shipped to you before your next adventure


Every kit includes a mandatory one-on-one video visit with our doctors, plus our printed Field Guide

Our doctors review your medical history, prescribe and ship your all-in-one kit, including customized Rx

Prescribed in advance by our U.S. licensed doctors


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Use Coupon Code: SURVIVALSUMMIT to save $50

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Only your Duration Health provider can decide whether it is medically appropriate for you to receive prescriptions.

Survival Summit, LLC is engaged in marketing whereby Duration Health, Inc. pays us through the Duration Health Brand Ambassador Program. We may also accept advertising and sponsorships from other commercial businesses or receive other advertising compensation.

Duration Health, Inc. does not offer professional medical services or advice and does not prescribe or sell prescription medication. Instead, Duration Health is a technology platform that connects consumers to affiliated licensed healthcare professionals, enabling them to obtain independent medical consultations tailored to their personal circumstances.

Not all consumers who seek consultation through Duration Health’s platform will be eligible for a medical kit; eligibility is highly dependent on travel plans and each patient’s medical history, as determined at the discretion of the affiliated physician.

Medications in your kit may be different from those shown here. No representations or promises regarding expected performance for any individual’s personalized medical kit or experience or about any professional medical services are being made in this post. All statements are based on my own opinions and personal experience only.