NX3 Triple-Layer CYBER Fabric Faraday Bags 5pc Mega Kit

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NX3 Triple-Layer CYBER Fabric Faraday Bags: 5pc Ultimate Protection Kit

Introducing the NX3 Faraday Bag by Faraday Defense: your best line of defense in a world dominated by electronic devices. Renowned for its top-tier ratings, the NX3 takes shielding several notches higher, deploying a robust triple layer of CYBER fabric. With the NX3, your devices are protected from external electronic intrusions, and you’re shielded from their EMF emissions.

Why Choose the 5-Piece NX3 Mega Kit?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This all-inclusive set is tailored for shielding a plethora of devices, ranging from solar panels and laptops to cell phones, key fobs, credit cards, and storage devices.
  • Elite Construction: Each bag boasts three layers of CYBER NC (Nickel/Copper) fabric, boasting a proven effectiveness of 85-90dB attenuation. Trusted by law enforcement for evidence security, it’s also a personal favorite for data protection.
  • Kit Components: The Mega Kit is composed of 5 versatile bags: 1 Super Mega Bag, 1 Mega Bag, 1 Laptop Bag, 1 Tablet Bag, and 1 Phone Bag.

Key Features:

  • Signal Immunity: Confidently block Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Signals (including 5G networks), GPS, and RFID.
  • Enterprise-Level Design: Crafted to cater to the stringent requirements of military personnel, police departments, forensic teams, government officials, travelers, and anyone prioritizing data and personal security. Essential for signal isolation, EMF reduction, and EMP protection.
  • Superior CYBER Shielding: The triple layers of specialized metal-plated fabric, rich in nickel and copper elements, ensure signals from both internal and external sources are effectively blocked. Achieve a seamless communication blockade with 85-90dB attenuation.
  • Secure Closure: Double-roll Velcro seal bolsters the bag’s blocking efficiency.
  • Universal Shielding: Adept at securing an array of devices against threats from Cell Towers, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and WIFI.

Additional Perks:

  • Enhanced double-fold Velcro seal.
  • Triple layers of resilient CYBER fabric.
  • Premium-grade, durable construction.
  • Sizes to fit every need: Interior dimensions are 5” x 7”, 8″ x 10”, 12” x 18”, 16” x 20”, and 18” x 28”.

With the NX3 Faraday Bag by Faraday Defense, step into a world where your devices are safeguarded, and your peace of mind is guaranteed. Secure your electronic ecosystem today!

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in