Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense Course

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Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense Course

Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense Course Features

  • Course Runtime: 213 Minutes
  • This course will teach you to be prepared for any emergency
  • Available on DVD, USB Thumb Drive, and Online Streaming
  • Intro to bugging in and  home security
  • Bug-in VS. Bug Out
  • Pace Planning
  • EDC Considerations
  • Communications
  • Vehicle Preparedness and Overlanding Rigs
  • Setting up Caches
  • Community and Networking
  • The 5 D’s of Home Defense and Home Preparedness
  • Escape Plans

DVDs & USBs only ship within the U.S. & Canada. Online streaming is available in all other countries

The Survival Summit and survival expert, E. J. Snyder, team up for The Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense Course.  From home intruders
and civil unrest to natural disasters and global pandemics, this video series will give you the framework necessary to prepare for the worst and keep you and your loved ones safe. in your home.

EJ Snyder is a Retired Army Ranger, Ranger Instructor, Survival and Tracking instructor, and drill Sergeant. EJ retired as a Sergeant Major (E-9). When not filming survival shows EJ works regularly as a survival and military consultant. He is a world-class survival instructor, published writer, TV host, and legend on “Discovery Channels “Naked and Afraid”.

We are living in uncertain times. We are struck with emergencies and massive natural disasters and thrown into survival mode at an alarming rate these days. We have had Pandemics, Wildfires, Economic Turmoil, Food Shortage Threats, Energy Strains, and even War. You and your loved ones have been put in a serious life survival situation that you have no control over…. But actually, YOU DO!!!

So, what is the average Joe or Joan supposed to do, you ask? You always hear that YOU MUST “BUGOUT” when SHTF, BUT in Reality….90% of humans on the planet aren’t Bugging anywhere…as the COVID Pandemic showed us…THEY ARE “BUGGING IN”! And the 10% that are left, 5% are “Bugging Out” are only going somewhere else to “Bug-in,” and the other 5% are the ones with the skills, knowledge, and determination to stay out in the Wild and Truly “Bug Out.”

So again, what should the average Joe or Joan do with their loved ones? Easy, I have put together this film, the “Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense”, to answer those questions, provide you with the information and tools needed, and show you how to properly prepare for “Bugging In” and the Defense of YOUR Domicile.

In this film, we will talk about everything you need to prepare and plan for when the SHTF properly!!! Of course, we hope and pray it never comes, but if it does, you want to be able to take care of yourself and your loved one’s needs. From storage to the various levels of supplies and gear for every budget on hand or combo thereof. Then we talk about the 5 D’s of Defense of your domicile that you can do and put in place to protect all your valuables, supplies, gear, and selves.

We talk about what “RIGHT” looks like and how to modify it to fit your circumstances and needs. What to do for your vehicle to properly prepare it for you to be able even to get back home, and if you need to “GO,” how to go! All of the information and demonstrations are key to YOURS and YOUR LOVED ONES SURVIVAL!!!

Getting home to “Bug IN” isn’t an easy task. We will discuss everything from what to do to get from, say, your office, school, store, park, or wherever you are when SHTF to get from their back to your vehicle safely so that you can then head towards your home if you need the vehicle to cover a long distance then if you can or have to get there on foot what to do to make it there safely.

What items can you have on you and plan for that will make your move easier and safer, what supplies you will need, and all things covering your basic survival and protection. How to plan routes and cache stops along the way to refit, resupply, and rest, as well as what security needs you need to be concerned with.

Now once you get home, how do you DEFEND YOUR HOME! Mostly done prior to the SHTF Scenario even happens, now you just need to put your well-planned plan and practice into play and execute! If done RIGHT, you will feel a lot more confident, reassured, safe, and ready for whatever comes your way!

Once in your home, you don’t assume trouble won’t come looking for you and let your Guard down…that is when you go full on and BE READY!!! You make the potential Bad Actors understand that YOU ARE NOT EASY PREY!!! And 90% of the time, they “GO AWAY”! Then if you must go, what is it you need in terms of your “BUGOUT VEHICLE” and possible trailers and/or RVs, etc., to be able to move everyone with you safely and with all you need!

The “Ultimate Bug-In and Home Defense” Film is just the ANSWER YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR to Prepare for that Bad Day ahead!!! It will give you the knowledge, tools, skills, preparation needs, and more that YOU need for a PEACE OF MIND for when the SHTF!!! DO NOT DELAY…the time for Preparing for the SHTF Scenario ….IS TODAY!!! ~ EJ SNYDER

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4 reviews for Ultimate Bug-in and Home Defense Course

  1. Mike L. (verified owner)

    First class training…

  2. BECKY S. (verified owner)

    very detailed content

  3. Michael W. (verified owner)

    Great information

  4. tom b. (verified owner)

    Wealth of extra good information, down and dirty. Inspires to train and plan more

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