Lessons From Our Survival Camping - Part One React to Contact 2-Man Drills

Last time we spoke, I wrote briefly about our "Survival Camping" trip.  It was a cold and wet journey up into the woods, where we all cross trained each other on various skills.  Many of the team had prior military knowledge, so we decided to learn how to patrol and react to contact.  

You may want to patrol your neighborhood or AO (area of operation) during a grid down scenario, to make sure and check for any potential threats that could do harm to you or your family.  More on how to do patrolling in another email.  

In our scenario we hid two targets deep in the woods, while an unknowing team had to go patrol.  For safety, we kept this version of the drill down to two people, while the others stayed behind and watched.  You'd hear a gun shot, and you'd have to react to contact.  The goal was gain fire superiority in this drill.  And although we had done this drill before in the past, both team members could see the target that was "shooting" at us.  However, this time it was set up specifically to where only one person could see the target... a much more realistic scenario.  We'd both shoot and/or flank until the paper target fell off the tree.

You'll notice in the video below, how the person in front noticed the target first.  He laid suppressive fire while the other team member moved into a position that was better suited to see the target.   I suppose that in real life the ambusher would probably not go for the first person, but rather pick them off from the rear or middle.  However this drill got us moving and shooting.  

Now a little disclaimer here:  I'm not an expert on this.  I'm not prior military.  Surely a lot of people could come up with things we did right or wrong, but I encourage you to take a look at the video and allow it to get you thinking - and more importantly, practicing.

Stay sharp, stay safe, stay legal.