Coffee methods for camping or survival

There is nothing more comforting and energy inducing while out in the field like a cup of coffee. without it I may never leave the tent and eventually freeze to death. In this video we explore 4 methods to making coffee whether you are camping or there is a S.H.T.F. situation. 

Methods in video:

  1. Pour Over (Also known as Drip)
  2. French Press
  3. Tea Bag Method
  4. Cowboy Coffee

Advanced Tips:

Pour Over: After adding grounds to your hot water washed filter pour a little bit of hot water over the grounds, just enough to cover and lightly saturate. Wait 30 seconds before starting your two minute timer and pouring the rest of the water. This "activates" the grounds which will produce smoother coffee and release the most amount of caffeine. 

French Press: Add coffee grounds to empty container and pour hot water over the grounds then use a spoon to mix any leftover floating grounds into the water. Takes more coffee grounds to make a stronger cup.