TSS Fire Tabs

Made in the USA


Survival Summit’s Elite Fire Tabs: Ignite the Wilderness With Confidence!

Discover the ultimate fire-starting solution with Survival Summit’s Fire Tabs, an essential addition to every adventurer’s toolkit. With a commitment to quality, we present to you an unmatched experience in flame ignition.

  • High-Performance Composition: Our TSS Fire Tabs are crafted from specially treated cotton, ensuring not only waterproof capabilities but also an impressive, consistent burn. Say goodbye to subpar fire starters; each of our tabs guarantees a robust flame that lasts 1-2 minutes.
  • Versatility at Its Best: Easily split the tabs to double your fire-starting chances. Whether you’re sparking a quick flame or drying a damp natural tinder on an unexpected drizzly day, these tabs have got your back.
  • Generous Pack Options: Choose from our handy packs! The 15-tab option comes in a protective zip-lock bag, while our 30-tab pack is securely housed in a sleek survival tin, available in both black and silver.
  • Compact, Clean, & Cost-Effective: Lightweight and neatly designed, TSS Fire Tabs won’t break the bank or clutter your pack. Enjoy mess-free ignitions, a stark contrast to traditional methods like cotton balls with Vaseline.
  • Always Be Prepared: Complement these fire tabs with a reliable lighter and a ferro rod. We believe in readiness, and with these tabs in your arsenal, you’re equipped to tackle any fire-starting challenge the wilderness throws your way.

For the seasoned explorer, casual camper, or emergency situations, Survival Summit’s Fire Tabs are your trusted ally. Light fires efficiently, safely, and effortlessly. Embrace warmth, light, and security in a compact form. Don’t just survive – thrive with Survival Summit.

We also carry the Uberleben Ferro Rods, and you can see how easy they are to use in this short video HERE.


Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

15 Tabs, 30 Tabs


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