Legacy DVD Collection

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This is every Legacy film we currently offer in DVD format at a discount. (DVD’s ONLY)


Unveiling the Legacy DVD Collection

Delve deep into a comprehensive collection of survival wisdom with the Legacy DVD Collection. Covering a vast spectrum of survival techniques and scenarios, this collection promises a holistic training experience for any survival enthusiast. Remember, this bundle is strictly DVDs.

Your Legacy Training Awaits:

  1. FIREARMED® Volume One: A training program curated by Fit to Fight® that’s tailored to cater to novices, seasoned shooters, and fighters. This DVD focuses on enhancing your combat prowess in an environment dominated by firearms.
  2. TOPS Knives Blade Care: Go behind the scenes with TOPS Knives. From blade creation to maintenance, witness the artistry and dedication behind each crafted knife, ensuring its durability for life.
  3. Survival HD: Venture into the high deserts and low mountains near Moab, UT with Kirsten Rechnitz. Understand the challenges posed by drastic weather shifts and learn how to thrive in these conditions, making it a comfortable experience rather than a survival challenge.
  4. Survival Escape & Evasion: Jack Richland from Black Scout Survival educates you on essential skills and techniques to escape and evade dangerous scenarios. Learn to be a formidable challenge to any potential captor.
  5. Survival Communications: Master the realm of radio communications under the expert guidance of David Pruett. From getting on air to creating your own DIY projects, this DVD covers the A to Z of radio communications.
  6. Survival Bug Out: With disasters lurking around every corner, best-selling author Jonathan Hollerman helps you decide: To stay or to leave? Discover the secrets behind a successful bug out.
  7. Survival Land Navigation: Technology is a boon until it isn’t. Learn the age-old techniques of navigating using just a compass and map, ensuring you can always find your way.
  8. Survival Skills: Embrace the wilderness with Robert Allen from Sigma 3 Survival School. Learn to survive with just a knife in hand, from starting fires to procuring food, ensuring you can thrive in any environment.

Kindly Note:

By choosing this bundle, you’re securing nearly 30 hours of invaluable training. However, always remember to ensure your DVD player is compatible, and you have the necessary setups for uninterrupted viewing.

Embark on a Survival Journey!

The Legacy DVD Collection promises an all-rounded experience, ensuring you’re equipped to tackle various challenges head-on. Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or a newbie, this collection is bound to be an invaluable addition to your repertoire.


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  1. Scott Frazier (verified owner)

    Very high standard of professionalism from the instructor’s DVD is very good ,camera quality is good nothing to decipher it’s all right there given to you. I would recommend this highly as a former military member who have who has received Similar training , I would highly recommend This series of DVD’s very satisfied thank you so much for your hard work and diligence

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