Into the Ozarks – Bushcraft Camp Build

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RUNTIME: 128 Minutes


Into the Ozarks – Bushcraft Camp Build


Dive Deep Into the Ozarks with Joshua Enyart:

“Into the Ozarks” is not merely a film; it’s an intimate journey with Joshua Enyart, popularly known as the Gray Bearded Green Beret. This is the second entry in the captivating “Into the…” series.

Venture into the breathtaking expanses of the Ozarks, a southern jewel just on the cusp of the mid-western United States. Allow Joshua to be your guide, combining his rich history as an Army Ranger and Green Beret with his current expertise as a survival instructor. Notably, Joshua was formerly among the elite instructors at the renowned Pathfinder school, a position he secured through his extensive experience and unique teaching methodology. Joshua now owns his own training company with a wide range of training available throughout the country.

During this enlightening journey, you’ll acquire knowledge about:

  • Knot Mastery: Identify and utilize the most effective knots for different scenarios.
  • Precision Sawing & Chopping: Techniques that make these fundamental tasks efficient and safe.
  • Raised Bed Shelter Construction: For those nights in the wilderness.
  • Bird’s Nest Creation: Harness the unique properties of Cedar bark for this task.
  • Stake Crafting: Learn to utilize the bounty of nature for your needs.
  • Toggle System Introduction: A versatile system with myriad applications.
  • Log Cabin Fire Lay: Master the art of fire-making with this technique.
  • Cedar Bow Drill Fire-Starting: Harness the power of Cedar in a unique manner.
  • Campfire Cuisine: Dive into some delicious recipes and learn the secret to the perfect “Cowboy Coffee.”
  • Natural Resource Walk: Explore and understand the offerings of nature.
    • Maypop: Discover its secrets.
    • Black Walnut: Unearth its hidden facets.
    • Locust: A multi-faceted resource.
    • Chert: Nature’s gift for specific tasks.
    • Cedar: Delve deeper into its varied uses.

Equipped with this knowledge, you’re not just watching a film but immersing yourself in a holistic survival experience. Join Joshua on this adventure and refine your skills to be one with nature.

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5 reviews for Into the Ozarks – Bushcraft Camp Build

  1. LES (verified owner)

    Excellent video and excellent customer service.

  2. Nick O. (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to watch ITO in it’s entirety, but what I have watched thus far is well thought out and communicated. Great learning tool!

  3. Joseph S. (verified owner)

    Good video. I enjoyed watching it.
    It looked to be mid-season in the video, so they wouldn’t be ripe, but in the Ozarks, there are persimmons, paw paws, pecans, hickory nuts, blackberries, many edible mushrooms, wild plums, acorns, and more. Many streams with fish and crayfish, not to mention the larger game animals. The fence posts that last 100 years are made from osage orange trees. It does not rot and makes the hottest fire, with intense popping, due to the resinous nature.

  4. Charles Bates (verified owner)

    Well made,informative,useful productions

  5. Binyumin Aharon Lane (verified owner)

    A magnificent film! The Gray Bearded Green Beret-He’s a pleasure to learn from!

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