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GB2 USB Drive Collection: Ultimate Outdoor Survival Courses

Dive into the extensive world of survival, bushcraft, and wilderness skills with the Gray Bearded Green Beret’s (GB2) comprehensive courses, all available on a single USB drive. With an astounding cumulative runtime, the USB features four films that are essential for outdoor enthusiasts:

  1. Green Beret’s No-Nonsense Bug Out (270 mins): Join Joshua Enyart, a former Army Ranger and Green Beret, as he bridges his military expertise with wilderness survival to bring you a pragmatic approach to preparedness. Whether you’re in urban surroundings or cold terrains, this course will equip you with practical skills, equipment insights, and a unique system for strategic planning.
  2. Into the Ozarks (128 mins): Be a part of Joshua’s expedition into the breathtaking Ozarks. An extension of the “Into the…” series, this film lets you explore the Ozark’s abundant resources while learning about knots, firestarting, shelter-building, and more. As a bonus, familiarize yourself with natural resources that could prove invaluable in the wild.
  3. Wilderness Medical (283 mins): Accidents are unpredictable, especially in the wilderness. Joshua dives deep into essential first-aid techniques and improvisations, covering everything from burns and blisters to serious injuries. From improvised methods to TCCC certified approaches, stay prepared for the most common backcountry mishaps.
  4. Into the Woods (174 mins): Transform into Joshua’s direct student with this wilderness survival guide. Learn about natural water sources, direction finding, shelter setups, and more. Featuring detailed sections on knots, lashings, and fire, this film is a holistic guide to surviving the outdoors.

Important Information:

  • USB drive brands and sizes may vary. The displayed image is representative and might not match the exact product.
  • All courses are provided as MP4 digital media files.
  • Ensure you have suitable adaptors and players for the media compatibility. We suggest VLC Media Player for best results.
  • Due to the custom digital nature, returns are not accepted.

Master the outdoors and elevate your survival skills with GB2’s ultimate collection. Whether you’re an adventurer, camper, or simply an enthusiast, these films will be your guide to mastering the wild.

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2 reviews for Gray Bearded Green Beret USB Film Bundle

  1. David A. (verified owner)

    There is a lot of useful information given here. Having the video files makes it easy for someone like me, who is a visual learner, and I greatly appreciate the insight. There are some skills I have already got to put to use and I look forward to getting more practice in.

  2. mark E. (verified owner)

    There are items to learn in each of the presentations whether experienced or a beginner.

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