GB2 DVD Collection

This is every GB2 (Gray Bearded Green Beret) film we currently offer in DVD format at a discount. (DVD’s ONLY)

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The GB2 Ultimate Survival DVD Collection

Dive deep into wilderness mastery with the GB2 (Gray Bearded Green Beret) DVD Collection. Each film is a repository of valuable survival knowledge, guiding you from basic preparations to advanced survival techniques.

What’s Inside the Collection:

  1. Green Beret’s No-Nonsense Bug Out: Dive into a comprehensive 4.5-hour course with Joshua Enyart. Discover the art of preparation, from strategizing “bug in” vs. “bug out” scenarios to mastering basic survival needs like fire, shelter, water, and food. Equip yourself for urban and cold weather environments, ensuring readiness for any situation.
  2. Into the Ozarks: Journey with Joshua through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Ozarks. Immerse yourself in bushcraft essentials, leveraging Joshua’s military and wilderness expertise. A blend of scenic beauty and practical survival knowledge awaits.
  3. Wilderness Medical: Navigate the unforeseen medical challenges of the wilderness. Joshua equips you with the know-how to tackle common injuries in the wild, be it with dedicated gear or ingenious improvisation. A must-have guide for any adventurer.
  4. Into the Woods: Step into the wild and transform under Joshua’s guidance. Learn to thrive in nature with this captivating wilderness survival guide, turning raw surroundings into a comfortable habitat.

Special Note: This collection exclusively comprises DVDs.

Why Opt for the GB2 DVD Collection?

Crafted by a seasoned Army Ranger and Green Beret, this collection is more than just instructional films. It’s a testament to Joshua Enyart’s decades of experience, sharing valuable insights and hands-on techniques that could be life-saving. Whether you’re a novice adventurer or a seasoned outdoors enthusiast, this collection is a treasure trove of wilderness knowledge, ready to guide you at every step. Secure your collection today and step confidently into the wild tomorrow.

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