EMP: A Story of Survival

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By Best Selling Author, Jonathan Hollerman – Book 1 of a 3-part series


EMP: A Story of Survival

Dive into a chilling account of a world teetering on the brink of societal collapse in “EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots.” Written with unyielding realism, Jonathan Hollerman crafts a narrative that is not just a pulse-pounding survival saga, but also a cautionary exposition on the fragility of our modern infrastructure.


In a sudden, cataclysmic event, the United States is plunged into darkness with the destruction of the electric grid and the obliteration of nearly every electronic device. Picture a world stripped of its modern conveniences: no phones, internet, television, or access to banking. The absence of the electric grid takes with it the comforts we take for granted: lights, heating, air conditioning, public water supply, and functional sewage systems. Modern transportation grinds to a halt, leading supermarkets to deplete their food and essential supplies rapidly.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, the government, unprepared and overwhelmed, struggles to maintain order and provide sustenance to the desperate masses. The age-old adage of “survival of the fittest” returns with a vengeance, leading humanity to question its inherent morals and values.

Hollerman’s portrayal is as enlightening as it is harrowing, weaving a tale of perseverance and adaptability while providing pragmatic advice on handling such a catastrophic event. It’s not merely a tale, but a survival guide, highlighting the stark vulnerabilities of our interconnected world.

About the Book:

“EMP: A Story of Survival” isn’t just fiction – it’s a wake-up call. By giving readers a haunting taste of a world drenched in anarchy, despair, and darkness, Hollerman underscores the urgency of preparation and resilience. Readers are not only gripped by the trials and tribulations of the characters but are also compelled to reflect on their preparedness for such an eventuality. The book’s astounding success, marked by its ascent to Amazon’s Top Ten Bestseller’s List and its thousands of positive reviews, attest to its compelling content and the relevancy of the threat it addresses.


Jonathan Hollerman’s “EMP: A Story of Survival” stands as a testament to the dual nature of literature – to entertain and to enlighten. As a pulse-quickening tale of adversity, it excels, but as a forewarning of potential calamities and a guide to survival, it becomes indispensable. For those who relish post-apocalyptic tales imbued with realism, this book is a must-read. And for those yet unaware of the vulnerabilities of our modern world, it’s an awakening.

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  1. Alex (verified owner)

    A well written story of the aftermath of EMP, told with plenty of factual detail regarding gear and tactics etc. I’ve read all the popular post-apocalyptic books and this series does not disappoint.

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