Survival Bugout - Survival Scenarios

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Survival Bugout

Survival Bugout is the instructional film where this short film came from, but the theatrical version is just a bonus. The Main Survival Bugout film is an instructional film that reviews gear, bag types, core needs (fire, water, shelter, food, etc.), accessories, tools, and much more. The main film is not a theatrical production like the bonus short film. Runtime 117 minutes.

Green Beret's No-Nonsense Bug Out

 Released in 2020, 4 1/2 hours in length. Joshua Enyart is a former Army Ranger and Green Beret turned Survival, Bushcraft, and Preparedness Instructor. He has taken his military training and experience and blended it with his experience in Wilderness Skills to develop a No-Nonsense system of Preparedness for himself and his family. 

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Upcoming Films

We are shooting a new “Bug-in / Home Security” film with EJ Snyder from the show Naked and Afraid (and others), March 1st through March 4th, and this new film should be released by summer.

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