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FIRE B.O.S.S.: Your Ultimate Flame-Making Toolkit

Unlock the primal power of fire with the Fire B.O.S.S. – the essential next-gen Bug Out Survival Supplement. This kit is meticulously crafted, ensuring you’re never left in the cold, no matter the adversity. From easy ignition with lighters and matches to skillful artistry with a fire bow and drill, your spark is in safe hands. Proudly assembled in the USA, this compact arsenal guarantees flames under any circumstance.

🔥 Unleash the Firemaster Within: Kit Highlights

  • Instant Flame Tools: Classic lighter and waterproof matches for quick and reliable ignition.
  • Ferro Rod and Striker: Sparks in any condition, every single time.
  • Fire Enhancers: Magnesium capsules, steel wool, and char cloth to amplify your fire-making prowess.
  • Natural Boosters: From 1 oz. of potent Fatwood Sticks to 6 tinder tabs, let nature aid your flame quest.
  • Fire Craft Tools: Kevlar thread and flange bearing – should you rise to the challenge of crafting a fire bow and drill.
  • Extras & Tools: A pocket Fresnel lens, 2 tealight candles, foil paper, pencil sharpener, 10′ jute twine, waterproof tinder ball, wire saw, and a handy folding knife.
  • Knowledge Base: Waterproof survival instruction sheet, ensuring you master every method in your kit.

Dimensions: Sleekly designed at 8x5x3 inches. Weight: Ultra-light at 0.5 lbs.

The Fire B.O.S.S. isn’t just a kit; it’s a statement of survival supremacy. Whether you’re prepping for an expedition, a survivalist, or just want that added assurance, this is your fire-making ally!

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in