NEST-Z EMP 10pc Large Kit

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NEST-Z EMP: 10pc Large Kit by Faraday Defense – Unrivaled EMP Security for Your Electronics

The Faraday Defense NEST-Z EMP Bag emerges as the ultimate protective shield for electronics, effectively defending against destructive electromagnetic radiation and currents. Its meticulously integrated aluminum layers form a safe harbor against static for your sensitive devices, while the robust polyester layers repel sharp object penetration, ensuring undiminished effectiveness. Engineered for versatility, the NEST-Z bag can be securely heat-sealed and is adept for vacuum packing.

Key Material Features:

  • Dual layers of heavy-gauge, static-dissipating polyester for safety.
  • Dual aluminum barrier shield layers for optimal defense.
  • An enhanced inner polyester layer, reinforcing the bag’s strength.

Noteworthy Product Specifications:

  • Puncture Resistance: 33 lb – ensuring resilience (FTMS 101-C, 2065.1).
  • Tensile Strength: Stands firm with an 11,500 PSI rating.
  • EMI Attenuation: Achieves >40 dB, guaranteeing exceptional protection (MIL-PFR-81705-REV.D).
  • Compliance: Adheres to ANSI/ESD S20.20 and boasts a surface resistance of 12 Ohms/Sq. In. (ASTM 1-257).
  • Eco-conscious Design: RoHS compliant, lead-free, with the pride of being made in the USA.

Heat-Sealing Parameters:

  • Temperature: Set at 400°F (204°C).
  • Duration: Time it between 0.6 and 4.5 seconds.
  • Pressure: Maintain between 30 to 70 PSI (206-482 kPa).

Universal EMP Shielding: Tailored to guard a plethora of electronics – from laptops, tablets, phones, and key fobs to cards, hard drives, and USB drives. While NEST-Z bags stand unmatched in EMP protection, for defenses against Cell Signal, Bluetooth, Radar, Wifi, GPS, and RFID, our NX3 bags are the recommended choice.

Bearing the title of the market’s premium zip-lock closure, electro-shielding bag, the NEST-Z 7.0 mil Moisture Barrier 5-layer EMP bag is quintessential for safeguarding invaluable electronics, military assets, and medical tools. Testament to its supremacy are its commendable tensile strength, puncture resistance, and EMI attenuation. Meeting or surpassing the standards of ANSI/ESD S541 and ANSI/ESD S20.20, this bag’s credentials are irrefutable.

Disclaimer: All descriptions and specifications related to Faraday Defense products are rooted in trusted information. However, absolute perfection is not assured. Prior to use, it’s imperative to gauge the product’s alignment with your requirements. All liabilities stemming from product usage are solely your responsibility. Any conflicting or unmatched claims from our official publications are nullified unless they are formally acknowledged by a certified Faraday Defense officer. Neither Survival Summit nor Faraday Defense is accountable for any consequential damages related to this product.

For unparalleled EMP security, trust in the NEST-Z EMP Bag by Faraday Defense.

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in