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Can a survival watch save your life?

Most survival situation start off innocuously, they can happen when you least expect them, when you wander off from camp for whatever reason, picking berries, going to the latrine or just checking out the surrounding area.  There have been too many cases to count of people…


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Strange Spikey Survival Plant To Shampoo Your Hair, Scrub Under Your Nails, or in Personal Areas if You Wish…

I consider this chapter to be critical to your survival in the high desert, or low mountains, which is why I’m giving it to you just for be subscribed to our email list.  

This incredible spiked plant, with anti-fungal properties, can be used to scrub your hands, sew your clothes, turn into shampoo, or clean personal parts of your body with.  In vitro experiments suggest that this plant’s constituents may exert anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, antiplatelet, and anti proliferative activity…

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Survival In The Desert

It’s unfortunate that many people equate deserts with a hostile environment that conspires against human life. In the popular media, desert areas seem to be considered at the top of the wilderness list for danger. The historical fact is, however, that the human race was cradled in arid lands and people are well adapted to survive in deserts. Learning to be part of the desert’s ecosystem is the first step of desert survival. My philosophy is not to fight the desert, but to become part of its ecosystem. Being prepared is an obvious benefit.

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Survival Bug Out Bonus Content Trailer

As you know from following our emails, the first 1,000 DVDs will sell out the first week, and we won’t have any more for roughly 1 to 2 months.  If you’re among the first 1,000 purchasers, you’ll receive instant streaming access to this exclusive bonus material from Jonathan Hollerman.  The final BONUS film is roughly 20 minutes of AMAZING Content!

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Blue Line Breachers Badass Box

When this showed up, my first reaction was “what in the world?” The box was heavy, coming in at 17 pounds. I then remembered I was getting a review sample of a small gun safe suitable for mounting in a vehicle (though you could certainly finds places for it at home as well.) What I didn’t realize was that it….

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6 Minutes With SouthernPrepper1

We’ve started something new here at The Survival Summit.  We’ll be featuring some of our favorite YouTube Channels, as well as interviewing the stars about prepping.  

Our first interview was with SouthernPrepper1.  This first interview, my audio wasn’t working correctly but you can hear him very clearly.  Don’ worry though, we resolved the issue on part 2 of the interview.

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Southern Prepper 1 YouTube Videos

YouTube is a vast place filled with gems and dreck. I frequently turn to it to solve problems like fixing broken things around the house or to see if some product might actually do what I need. One subject it can help us with is prepping. Southern Prepper 1 (SP 1), who opens his videos with “Hey YouTubers” is one of several prepping instructors I’ve turned to on YouTube when I’ve had questions and…

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Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen DVD Review

To communicate is to transmit and receive information. These days, it is so easy to communicate that important messages and content get lost in the clutter. That once wasn’t so, but we are now so spoiled by the ease we can spew information that we take the ability lightly and forget (or never learned) how hard it once was to reach someone and how we cherished the ability to hear from those…

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