Talk of Civil War

Civil War

Talk of Civil War

The enemies of America must be throwing parties all over the world right now as they watch us tear each other apart. We have been divided into Left vs. Right, Conservative vs. Liberal, and now, Black vs. White. 

Most of the silent majority know that this is all driven by the media as well as outside influences that seek to divide and conquer this great country, but unfortunately, a lot of Americans have fallen victim to propaganda.

This is not an issue of Left vs. Right or Conservative vs. Liberal. This is an issue of power, corruption, fascism, and authoritarianism. There is always a puppet master behind groups like the KKK, Antifa, certain facets of BLM, and others.  A lot of protestors and instigators are funded by shadow groups with an agenda. 

Some of these movements are based on emotions and not always rooted in facts. Radical socialists, Marxists, and far right-wing groups can be found stirring the pot in nearly all these groups, Antifa being the worst of them all. They use fascist tactics to “fight fascism”. They are, in fact, domestic terrorists. 

This is not to say that racism does not exist, or that the judicial system may not be fair to some societal classes based on money and/or race, in some cases. 

That is also not to say that there is not a serious problem with law enforcement training in some areas of the country, or even racial profiling. What is not accurate to say is that systemic racism exists in all facets of American life. That is a lie and the ultimate deception, solely used to divide us as Americans.

Here are some truths as we believe them:
  1. BOTH political parties are corrupt and most of them need to be removed from power. The 2020 election could bring the most violent protests this country has ever seen. It could be even worse than anything that has happened so far, and we need to be prepared for that.
  2. The silent majority is not just conservatives. That is a myth. The silent majority are Americans who believe in the constitution and believe in our fundamental rights, and there are millions of people who are somewhere in the middle of the Left/Right spectrum. We do not always have to agree to be good American Patriots.
  3. We are constantly manipulated. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emanuel. The phrase “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is likely based on the writing by Saul Alinsky in “rules for radicals”, page 89, although its origins go back as far as 1934, according to some. This basically means that political parties love crisis because it allows them to manipulate the people to do things they could normally never get away with, like 9/11, or the COVID pandemic, or other events that have led to minor and major societal breakdowns.
  4. Ever since 9/11, American presidents of both parties have enacted many unconstitutional executive orders and laws. The NDAA and Patriot act among the worst. We have traded security for freedom time and time again. They have weakened our defenses in so many ways, and now they have pitted us against each other.
  5. Americans are starting to realize that they need to be more self-sufficient and that they cannot rely on local, federal, or state government to keep them safe.
  6. COVID-19 lockdowns may have started the U.S. on a downward spiral into economic destruction. We were already printing money we didn’t have as a country before the pandemic, and propping up the market with a giant bubble, according to many experts, and I feel like we have not felt the full effect of what has happened with this pandemic yet.
  7. The 2020 election is going to be the biggest shitshow in modern American history.
  8. The Government appears to be ushering in the “1984 George Orwell era”. If you have not read the book “1984” yet, we suggest you do.
  9. There is a profoundly serious lack of critical thinking amongst large portions of society, and “compromise” has become a dirty word. We choose to dehumanize each other so that we can dismiss each other’s opinions rather than having real dialog.
  10. Some have decided that history, good or bad, needs to be erased rather than learning from it, which makes us even more likely to repeat our mistakes as a country.
So, what is all this talk about Civil War?

Is it coming? Is it already here? Is it needed? Well, that is a lot to breakdown in one blog, but let us go through some of the basics.

  1. We are not currently in the middle of a Civil War, in my opinion, at least not yet. Some would argue that fact, and honestly, they might be correct. We may be already in the beginning of Civil War, or at least on the brink of the beginning of a societal breakdown in some areas of the country if the leadership in those areas do not stand strong and fight against regional violence and domestic terrorism.
  2. If we cannot maintain control of our cities and towns, and we allow “no-go zones” like the one in Seattle across the entire country that spills into smaller cities and towns, then yes, that could definitively be the beginning of a civil war, especially right at the time of the election, as well as a possible “2nd wave” of COVID-19 and potential mass shutdowns once again, which could implode our economy even further into the abyss. It would be even more exacerbated if law enforcement across the country starts resigning in mass, or just not showing up for work anymore.
  3. Is civil war needed? Man, that is a dangerous subject for a business to even speak about based on today’s “cancel culture”, but we think some things just need to be said no matter what. If we lose too many freedoms, lose our ability to provide for our families, and we lose the ability to protect our loved ones, then yes, we believe civil war could be necessary to regain control of the country, but that is very extreme, and that is highly unlikely. It is something NO ONE should EVER wish for.

The loss of life would be astronomical, and the after-effects would be staggering.  It also leads us back to the issue of power. Who is going to fill that power vacuum if we fall into Civil War? 

Could we end up worse off than we are now? This is not the 1800’s. The dangers of a new American civil war could be catastrophic on a global scale and create a global power vacuum.

Interested in us expanding more on this blog in a future blog? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Jesse from The Survival Summit

15 thoughts on “Talk of Civil War”

  1. Thank you for posting this well thought out and objective look at whats happening in our country today. If we are going to get through these crises and maintain our great nation it will require mature and unemotional thought and analysis like yours. Hopefully enough people, and our leaders will follow suit.

  2. The Communists have been planning and Strategizing what we are currently witnessing since the 1920s, and the spread of Violence, looting, and Burning has been the plan all along. If the Lovers of Freedom do not rise up in Confrontation against their “Useful idiots” now, it will mean the end of our Freedom and the death of the Constitution.

  3. There’s another solution, albeit, longer term. The current movement for an Article 5 Convention of States could reshape the Federal government to a leaner and more Constitutionally focused entity. I won’t be easy and a lot of hearts will be broken … But the founding fathers wrote COS into the Constitution exactly for the reasons we are now seeing.

    1. AS soon as you open the Contstitution to meddling, we are done. The foreign money will buy or kill every decision maker that does not do as they say. And it will not be good for us. Your rights will be gone. No, to a Constitutional Convention. War would be safer. Soros, Steyer, and Bloomturd owns half the politicians now, and apparently not even Trump can stop him!

  4. I believe we are in the midst of a civil and ideological war already. There are those in our society who seek to rewrite the history of this country, good and bad, to suit their viewpoint rather than learning from that same history and using it to inform our progress as a nation moving forward. They are unwilling or unable to look at the past and recognize how the riots, “cancel culture,” and refusal to allow civil discourse and debate in our country today mirror the uprisings of the past, both distant and recent, that gave birth to overthrown governments, societies, and cultures that have only hurt numerous countries and their populace.

    Positive change is not their true motivator, only destruction of our society as it stands. To quote John Adams – “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    America must not let mob rule dictate our future. God Bless you, God Bless us all, and God Bless America!

    Please continue your thoughts on this troubling but contemporary and important topic.

  5. darren boucher

    100% agreed. We are heading down a very dark path that i fear we can’t return from.

  6. I read your commentary on this and you have made some very good points that should make everyone think ! We are being led like sheep to feed into this frenzy of news every day coupled with the Covid-19 fear and chaos. Many have lost their common sense and are no longer in touch with reality while others are planning daily for the complete breakdown of our country so they can launch their agendas and finish us off litterally ! Many so-called Americans are “Traitors” and actual terrorists with large amounts of money to buy people to do their dirty work without a care in this world of what damage they cause and who may get killed in all of this process !**The fuse has been lit on a huge powder keg called the U.S.A and we better hope and pray the fuse doesn’t reach the keg !

  7. I’m some what in agreement but I do not see any supposed right wing terrorism that was thrown in this writing. Years ago, yes. What right wing lunacy do you see happening now?

    1. Are you saying you do not believe that there are any far right-wing extremists or extremist groups anymore? Yes, it’s mostly left-wing, but to suggest that there are none on the other side is laughable. Look into some FBI and DHS stats on extremist groups. Of course, not all groups listed as “extremists” are actually extremists, but there have been plenty of incidents over the last few years.

      1. ya, they were all left wing, Islamic, or federal agencies under Democrap administrations with only one that Im aware of, the FBI building bombing. The FBI and DHS are run by leftist who will lie at will and this has been proven recently with the investigations of several high ranking FBI agents leading to their “terminations”, the FBI also consider veterans, Christians and patriot groups domestic threats, only to tyrant!

        1. I think we are somewhat in agreement with the FBI and DHS, except for the fact that it’s mostly the leadership, not every person who’s in the field working cases in those organizations. That’s too broad a statement. Maybe you’re not on the same page with what domestic terrorism actually means. Antifa members who commit violence as part of an agenda are domestic terrorists, and so are the leaders of “CHOP” or “CHAZ”, and violent members of BLM. Neo Nazi’s who kill LEO’s and attempt to kick off race wars are also domestic terrorists, as are actual white supremacist groups who commit violence. They exist. They aren’t all “fake” and created by the FBI. Was the Air Force Sergeant, supposedly connected to the boogaloo bios, who killed a sheriff, federal security agent, and wounded 5 other LEO’s a lefty? No. What about in May when three alleged boogaloo members were arrested on terrorism-related charges? They were caught with filled gas cans and Molotov cocktails, headed to a BLM protest, and they were not Antifa. Dylann Roof: Domestic Terrorist. The list is actually pretty long if you stop drinking the “lefties are the only extremists” Koolaid. There have always been extremists on both sides.

  8. Good essay. IMO 330 million people have lost the unified view of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Note that the founders said “pursuit”, as there are no guarantees of happiness in the world for anyone anywhere. We have failed a news media owned by ideologues pushing some party line, not objective facts. We have people not wanting facts but only listening and paying attention to those who agree with their world view, or maybe the “pundits” and “talking heads” provide a world view for them. Our situation is a lot easier to describe than find a path for renewal and I fear that we will keep sliding down the path to social chaos followed by 1984 at the hands of someone promising order.

  9. Two major problems in our country is academia and the media.
    the college’s that are indoctrinating our youth, and the propaganda the media spews. Censorship in social media like goog, book of faces, tweet,etc. Far left and Marxist ideology being taught in higher education is rampant. Free speech on campuses is close to non existent . Good article keep it up.

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