Top Knives: Blade Care

Runtime: 78 Minutes


TOPS Knives;  Blade Care

Master the Blade with TOPS Knives: Craftsmanship, Legacy, and Precision

Journey into the heart of knife mastery with the legends at TOPS Knives. Discover the intricate tales and timeless traditions behind one of the globe’s most distinguished knife creators. This immersive experience delves deep into the craftsmanship, passion, and dedication that shape every blade.

Witness the Art of Knife Creation:

  • A Legacy Carved in Steel: Traverse the illustrious history of TOPS Knives, a brand synonymous with unparalleled quality and design.
  • Crafting from Scratch: Gain exclusive insights into transforming a simple metal piece into a magnificent blade.
  • Behind the Scenes at TOPS: Explore the bustling corridors of the TOPS facility, where each blade is infused with skill and soul. Marvel at the meticulous handwork, a testament to TOPS’ commitment to excellence.
  • For Life and Beyond: Engage with the close-knit family at TOPS, who believe in creating knives not just as tools, but as lifelong companions.

Expand Your Knowledge:

  • Combat the Rust: Master short-term and long-term anti-rust techniques to preserve your blade’s sheen.
  • Sharpening Mastery: Uncover best practices and angles to ensure your blade remains razor-sharp.
  • DIY Blade Creation: Get hands-on experience and learn to forge your own knife at home.
  • The TOPS Legacy: Immerse yourself in the captivating history and evolution of TOPS Knives.

Duration: A riveting 1 Hour, 18 Minutes of unparalleled knife wisdom.

Equip yourself with skills, stories, and strategies from the epitome of knife artistry. With TOPS Knives as your guide, embrace the world of blades like never before. Dive in, and let the legends sculpt your blade journey.

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