MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass

Operable in low light with luminescent markings


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Suunto MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass

Introducing the Suunto MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass – your trusted partner for advanced navigation. Specially crafted for explorers stepping into uncharted territories, this sighting compass promises precision, dependability, and a robust set of features tailored for the most challenging conditions.


The Suunto MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass is not just a navigational tool but an explorer’s companion, ensuring precision even in the toughest terrains. Boasting an array of well-engineered features, this compass ensures you never lose your way. Whether you’re exploring unfamiliar landscapes or navigating challenging conditions, trust in Suunto’s Finnish craftsmanship to guide you.


  1. High-Grade Steel Needle with Jewel Bearing: Ensures smooth, precise movement.
  2. Northern Hemisphere Balance: Specifically balanced for navigation in the northern hemisphere.
  3. Adjustable Declination Correction: For enhanced accuracy in varied geographies.
  4. Stable Liquid-Filled Capsule: Assures unwavering operation.
  5. Mirror with Sighting Hole & Notch: Achieve accurate bearings and use for signaling in emergencies.
  6. Clinometer: Useful for measuring angles of slope and elevation.
  7. Luminescent Markings: Ensure visibility even in low-light conditions.
  8. USGS UTM Scales: For detailed map reading and navigation.
  9. Magnifying Lens on Baseplate: Aids in reading intricate map details.
  10. Detachable Snap-Lock Lanyard: Comes with a wristlock and can be easily detached when working with maps.
  11. Suunto Limited Lifetime Warranty: Assuring you of its lasting quality.
  12. Proudly Made in Finland: A testament to its superior craftsmanship.
  13. NSN: 6605-01-546-9503.


The Suunto MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass is a confluence of innovative technology, precision, and Finnish craftsmanship. Whether you’re an adventurer, explorer, or professional, this compass, with its range of dependable features, ensures you always stay on course. Navigate with confidence, knowing you’re backed by Suunto’s limited lifetime warranty.

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 1 in


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