Legacy Film Bundle on USB Drive

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The Ultimate Legacy Film Bundle on USB

Discover a vast trove of survival, preparedness, and self-defense wisdom at your fingertips with the Legacy Film Bundle on USB. This curated collection contains all our Legacy Films, ensuring you have a comprehensive resource whenever you need it.

Inside Your USB Drive Bundle:

  1. FIREARMED® Volume One: Delve into the revolutionary Fit to Fight® FIREARMED® program, a holistic approach designed for novices, seasoned shooters, and fighters. This training module immerses you in firearm-based fighting techniques.
  2. TOPS Knives Blade Care: Join the experts at TOPS Knives for a journey through knife-making history, care routines, and the crafting process. Witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each blade.
  3. Survival HD: Navigate the high desert’s harsh terrains with Kirsten Rechnitz, mastering survival in one of the planet’s most unpredictable environments. From drastic temperature shifts to survival essentials, this film transforms you into a desert survivalist.
  4. Survival Escape & Evasion: Follow along with Jack Richland from Black Scout Survival, a seasoned US Marine Veteran. Immerse yourself in critical evasion techniques, preparing you to evade and outsmart potential captors.
  5. Survival Communications: With the guidance of expert David Pruett, decode the world of radio communications. From understanding scanner functionalities to DIY radio projects, this film ensures you stay connected even in dire situations.
  6. Survival Bug Out: Dive deep into the art of strategic evacuation with best-selling author Jonathan Hollerman. Equip yourself with the knowledge to decide when and how to retreat, ensuring your safety and that of your loved ones.
  7. Survival Land Navigation: In a tech-reliant world, learn the invaluable skill of navigating using just a compass and a map. Unlock secrets of route planning, compass crafting, and cache hiding, guaranteeing safe passage in emergencies.
  8. Survival Skills: Journey into the wild with the Sigma 3 Survival School. Harness primitive techniques for fire-starting, shelter-building, water purification, and more, ensuring survival with minimal tools.

Special Considerations: The USB drive’s brand and size might differ from what’s pictured, ensuring you get the best quality available. These films are stored in MP4 format, ensuring wide compatibility across devices. However, kindly note the USB drive’s return policy and ensure you have the necessary adaptors for your device.

Why the Legacy Film Bundle?

In an unpredictable world, being prepared is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Whether you’re prepping for urban survival or wild escapades, this collection is your ultimate guide. Immerse yourself in hours of expert knowledge, ensuring you’re always a step ahead, no matter the situation. Order today and arm yourself with the skills to thrive tomorrow.

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1 review for Legacy Film Bundle on USB Drive

  1. Mathias (verified owner)

    For the 3 films of the pack I have watched already, they are good and instructive.

    The films are really specific and really oriented ‘practical’ and I like it. I tend to remember better this way (and to apply with more efficiency)

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