Into the Woods

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RUNTIME: 174 Minutes 


Into the Woods, A Wilderness Survival Film

“Into the Woods” – Wilderness Survival with Joshua Enyart

Venturing into the vast wilderness can be as intimidating as it is exciting. But with the right knowledge and skills, even the most unexpected situations can be tackled head-on. This is where “Into the Woods” comes into play, with Joshua Enyart, popularly known as The Gray Bearded Green Beret, as your guide. Join Joshua on a riveting journey where the woods become your classroom.

Why Watch This Film?

  1. Expert Instruction: With Joshua as your guide, benefit from his vast experience and insights. He transforms the wilderness into a school, ensuring that every step is a lesson.
  2. Comprehensive Learning: From basic to advanced survival skills, this film ensures that you’re covered for every eventuality. Whether it’s finding water or setting up a shelter, Joshua breaks down the skills in an easy-to-understand manner.
  3. Film Features Include:
    • Extensive Runtime: At 174 minutes, this film is packed with useful content without a dull moment.
    • Introduction & Resource Gathering: Kick off with understanding the lay of the land and what it offers.
    • Navigation Skills: Learn primitive ways to find direction using the sun, shadows, and animal signs.
    • Water Source & Purification: Discover how to identify a water vine, and use the Grayl Geopress water filter for safe hydration.
    • Shelter Mastery: From choosing the right site using the 5 W’s to setting up a tarp or poncho shelter, get hands-on shelter knowledge.
    • Knots & Lashings: Master knots like the Bowline, Truckers Hitch, Fisherman’s loop, and more for various survival needs.
    • Fire Building Techniques: From identifying natural tinder sources to mastering the Elevator Fire Lay, become a fire-starting expert.
    • Bonus Content: Dive deep into plant identification and get an edge with primitive trapping techniques.


If the wilderness beckons you, “Into the Woods” is the survival compass you need. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or someone who just loves the idea of understanding nature better, this film is your ticket to becoming one with the woods. Joshua Enyart, with his expertise and practical teaching approach, ensures that every moment in this film is time well spent. Join The Survival Summit on a journey where every step, every twig, and every ray of sunlight teaches you something valuable.


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    awesome vids

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    Excellent content, impressive presentation.

  3. Michael Richards (verified owner)

    I purchased this set and am looking forward to it. This is the 4th set I’ve purchased from The Survival Summit and know from the quality of the other 3 sets that this one will be another that with dirt time can mean the difference between surviving or not

  4. Esteban (verified owner)


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