Bare Minimum Handcuff Key

Made in the USA

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Bare Minimum Handcuff Key

Unveiling the Bare Minimum Key™ – a groundbreaking innovation in covert handcuff keys, celebrated for its minuscule size and lightweight design, ensuring discreet concealment for those in the field.


Crafted with finesse, the Bare Minimum Key™ stands out as the tiniest and most lightweight covert handcuff key on the market. Designed non-metallic, this key easily hides away in countless unexpected spots – from a seam to under a band-aid, stitched within shirttails, or nestled inside 550 paracords. Its near-invisibility combined with effortless accessibility makes it invaluable for professionals in precarious situations where escape from unlawful detention may become a necessity.


  • Length: 0.7 inches


  1. Ultra-Compact: Its revolutionary compact size ensures it remains concealed.
  2. Lightweight: Minimalist design ensures no added bulk.
  3. Versatile Hiding Spots: Can be discreetly stashed in seams, band-aids, pocket corners, shirttails, sock hems, inside 550 paracords, and many more covert spots.
  4. Non-Metallic Composition: Skillfully crafted for stealth without triggering metal detectors.
  5. Essential for Professionals: A must-have for undercover agents and those in hostile territories where breaking free from unlawful confinement might be vital.
  6. Proudly Made in the USA: Assuring quality and trusted craftsmanship.


Handcuff and lock tools such as keys or shims are strictly meant for escaping illegal confinement and should be employed in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws. It is your responsibility to stay informed and compliant with the laws of your jurisdiction.


The Bare Minimum Handcuff Key is not just a tool but a lifeline for those who might find themselves in dire situations. Compact, covert, and crafted with excellence in the USA, it’s a must-have for professionals navigating challenging terrains. Remember always to use responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .20 in


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