Tindår Wick + Bellow


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Tindår Wick + Bellow – The Ultimate Fire Starting Duo

Experience the blend of old-world craftsmanship and modern innovation with the Tindår Wick + Bellow. Infused with our special KeroDry™ paraffin-wax, this hemp wick brings reliability and efficiency to your fingertips. Picture a matchstick, but one that has the tenacity to keep burning for a solid hour. And with its added functionality as a micro bellow, this tiny tool is an adventurer’s dream come true.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative Wick Design: The power of KeroDry™ paraffin-wax infused hemp ensures an easy ignition every time. Just fluff, spark, and let it do its magic.
  • Extended Burn Time: Offers a whopping one-hour cumulative burn, akin to the longevity of a Bic™ lighter.
  • Featherweight Champion: Weighing in at a mere 0.6oz, it’s the definition of ultralight, making it an essential for any trip.
  • Brave the Elements: With its weatherproof nature, you have a reliable fire-starting companion, come rain or shine.
  • Safety First: Its anodized aluminum sleeve ensures the Tindår remains cool to touch, allowing you to handle it with confidence.
  • Two-in-One Marvel: Beyond its wicking prowess, pull out the wick and it instantly transforms into a micro pocket bellow. A swift breath is all it takes to give your flames a boost, proving that good things truly do come in small packages.


Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a backyard camper, the Tindår Wick + Bellow is an indispensable addition to your gear. Simplifying the art of fire-starting, it promises a hassle-free experience each time. Light, ignite, and elevate your outdoor escapades with this compact powerhouse.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in


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