Handcuff Key Variety Pack

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Made in the USA. These could be valuable tools for operatives or even civilians in hostile environments in which escape from unlawful captivity could be a necessary survival option.

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Handcuff Key Variety Pack 

For those who prioritize security and preparedness, the Handcuff Key Variety Pack ensures access to a range of tools tailored to evade and escape from various restraints. Expertly engineered, these keys guarantee stealth, efficiency, and reliability, allowing you to confidently navigate any scenario where evasion is paramount.


The Handcuff Key Variety Pack presents a curated collection of keys, each with a unique design, for discreet use in various scenarios. From the minuscule Micro-Clip to the covert capabilities of the Escape Capsule and the hidden charm of the Covert Hand Cuff Key, this pack offers the best in escape tools.

Key Features:

  1. Micro-Clip Handcuff Key: With its integrated clip, this key ensures secure and discreet attachment to clothing. It boasts of an impressively small design, ensuring minimal detection risk. Measuring 0.80” x 0.29” x 0.18”, it’s lightweight at 0.01 oz. Made in the USA, the clip can flex up to 20 degrees.
  2. Escape Capsule: Ingeniously resembling a vitamin capsule, this tool’s design aims to deceive and elude captors. Pulling apart the capsule reveals the world’s tiniest handcuff key. While lightweight at 0.01 oz, its effectiveness is unparalleled. Users are advised against ingestion and exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures.
  3. Covert Hand Cuff Key: Expertly crafted from a special durable composite, this key is a dream for those in undercover operations. Its design enables it to be concealed seamlessly in clothing or gear. Weighing a mere 0.014 oz and colored in stealth black, this key measures 0.5″ x 0.8″.


Emergencies and unforeseen situations demand tools that can keep up. The Handcuff Key Variety Pack is a testament to the art of evasion. Be it for tactical professionals, undercover agents, or civilians in precarious environments, these tools are designed with one primary goal in mind: ensuring escape when it matters most.

Note: Users are advised to ensure the lawful use of these tools in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .20 in

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  1. Justin B. (verified owner)

    Everything looks good I’d give this a 4.5 if I could – would give it a 5 if it had a newer high security (split pawl) key and a S&W 104 key – that way you have the top keys.

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