EMP: The Aftermath

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By Best Selling Author, Jonathan Hollerman – Book 2 of a 3-part series


EMP: The Aftermath

Journey deeper into the dystopian world of Jonathan Hollerman’s vision of a post-apocalyptic America in “EMP: The Aftermath.” Following the critically acclaimed Amazon Top Ten Bestseller, EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots- A Story of Survival, this gripping sequel delves into the harrowing challenges and moral quandaries faced by survivors in a nation plunged into darkness and anarchy.


The sanctuary that Sean and Maria have found themselves in becomes overcrowded, pushing them to make heart-wrenching decisions about their future and resources. The need to distribute resources and maintain a manageable community size drives them to make choices that unwittingly expose them to threats greater and more dangerous than they’ve ever faced.

Parallel to their narrative, the story introduces us to Lt. Col. Bruce Harris, Commander of the 31st Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. Entrusted with the formidable tasks of restoring electricity to Warren, PA, and bringing law and order back to the region, Harris is also on the hunt for a renegade platoon of Army Rangers causing havoc. However, not everything is as straightforward as it appears. The orders from above come with layers of hidden agendas, leading Harris to a crossroads where he grapples with his duty and personal integrity.

About the Book:

“EMP: The Aftermath” is more than just a survival tale; it’s a deep exploration into the psyche of individuals when faced with the breakdown of societal norms and values. Hollerman brilliantly sketches a world where morality becomes fluid, choices dire, and survival an art. Through the eyes of both ordinary civilians like Sean and Maria and military personnel like Lt. Col. Harris, readers are offered a panoramic view of a nation’s descent into chaos and the glimmers of resilience and hope that shine through.


Jonathan Hollerman’s sequel is a compelling continuation that showcases the fragility of civilization and the depth of human endurance. “EMP: The Aftermath” is a testament to the spirit of survival, the moral dilemmas inherent in dire circumstances, and the innate human drive to find order amidst disorder. For enthusiasts of post-apocalyptic narratives that blend action with introspection, this book is an unmissable addition to their collection.

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