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Survival Communications for the Prepared Citizen DVD Review

To communicate is to transmit and receive information. These days, it is so easy to communicate that important messages and content get lost in the clutter. That once wasn’t so, but we are now so spoiled by the ease we can spew information that we take the ability lightly and forget (or never learned) how hard it once was to reach someone and how we cherished the ability to hear from those…

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My first QSO!

During the filming of the bonus DVD for the Survival Communications DVD I had my first QSO which means “to communicate with” over the radio. David Pruett who teaches intro to amateur radio on our latest DVD Survival Communications guided me through the process and proper radio etiquette. In my limited exposure…

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Pelican and Trekpak just saved us $2.5k in equipment, THANK YOU!

I was recently driving from Seattle, WA to Spokane, WA in my pickup truck, with a full load in the back.  I was going about 75mph when I looked in my right mirror and saw that the window was flapping in the wind.  I started to slow down and merge right so that I could correct the situation, when all of a sudden it flipped all the way open, and out dropped my…

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How do you camp without tent poles?

Who needs tent poles? Last min booking lead to 12+ hours in airports on 3 different planes. Add to that 6 hours sleep over past 48 hours and you are bound to forget something. Yes, I am setting up the largest excuse for for packing and Yes, you can slam me in the comments below….

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