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Our Guiding Principles

This blog is a departure from the type of information we have historically written in our blogs, but Daniel and I agreed that it was important and relevant in today’s business climate, to share a bit of our interior consciousness.


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An Opening Battle in an Unending War

I am, admittedly, a glass half empty sort of guy, but I did take a few moments last week to celebrate the defeat of one of the most corrupt and venal candidates to ever run for the presidency. That said I remain uncertain of the man I voted for. I hope for the best, but don’t know if he truly has the convictions and talents needed to save the…

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Safety and Security at Polling Places

Election day is not only a celebration of our democracy, but a growing security challenge. In general, we’re seeing an increase in violence in our country, and it’s obvious by reading the daily news that people are acting out on their anger like never before. This is a contentious election…

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Stealing a great line, for me this is déjà vu all over again. In my former news guy life, I sought out hurricanes. A couple really hit me hard on a personal level. In 2004, while walking through rubble in Charlotte County, FL after Hurricane Charlie, I thought about the fact it had been forecasted to hit my then home in Tampa. Charlie took…

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Why Apple should not unlock a terrorists iPhone

Apple is getting roasted for not helping the FBI unlock a terrorists phone. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has taken the high ground in the fight for our personal freedoms and liberties despite how this may look to the publics eye. The outcome of this case will have a far reaching impact on how secure your personal info really is…

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How to Find New Members to Join Your Survival Retreat Group

 So you’ve decided to make plans to leave town and bug out in the event of a SHTF scenario or a societal collapse and either buy/build a retreat or move in with a rural relative.  You have a plan of action and the financial resources to accomplish your plan, yet you are only one person or single family unit.  The list of items to be accomplished in order to provide a safe haven for yourself or your family is endless.  Even if you…

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9mm or .40 Caliber?

The age old argument over the “better round” may come to an end in this article, after the FBI releases some of its information about various calibers. This man was shot with .40 S&W rounds to center mass, was not incapacitated at the scene, and survived the shooting…

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