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An Introduction to Edible Plants in the Southeast

When living in an apocalyptic environment, food might become scarce, and you might find yourself asking, now what? Once you’ve gone through all the canned foods, and perishable items, you might have to start looking elsewhere, but where? The answer is probably closer than you think; the outdoors. You can find many things to eat…

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An Opening Battle in an Unending War

I am, admittedly, a glass half empty sort of guy, but I did take a few moments last week to celebrate the defeat of one of the most corrupt and venal candidates to ever run for the presidency. That said I remain uncertain of the man I voted for. I hope for the best, but don’t know if he truly has the convictions and talents needed to save the…

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Safety and Security at Polling Places

Election day is not only a celebration of our democracy, but a growing security challenge. In general, we’re seeing an increase in violence in our country, and it’s obvious by reading the daily news that people are acting out on their anger like never before. This is a contentious election…

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Stealing a great line, for me this is déjà vu all over again. In my former news guy life, I sought out hurricanes. A couple really hit me hard on a personal level. In 2004, while walking through rubble in Charlotte County, FL after Hurricane Charlie, I thought about the fact it had been forecasted to hit my then home in Tampa. Charlie took…

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Can a survival watch save your life?

Most survival situation start off innocuously, they can happen when you least expect them, when you wander off from camp for whatever reason, picking berries, going to the latrine or just checking out the surrounding area.  There have been too many cases to count of people…


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Death By GPS – Lessons and Tragedies

Over the past 15 years, at least a dozen people have died in Death Valley from heat-related illnesses, and many others have come close. Another hiker vanished last June in Joshua Tree National Park. His body has not yet been found…

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Rescue Writing – How Making Your Own Pencil In An Emergency Can Help You Survive

I never understood why someone would want to know how to make a pencil in an emergency situation… then Kirsten effortlessly made a set of pencils while casually cooking a rabbit over the fire and quite literally spelled it out for us all to see.  Watch now to learn the top reason why you need to know this skill.  Even if you don’t live near a desert or EVER plan to be in one!  This skill can be applied to nearly any survival situation….

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Strange Spikey Survival Plant To Shampoo Your Hair, Scrub Under Your Nails, or in Personal Areas if You Wish…

I consider this chapter to be critical to your survival in the high desert, or low mountains, which is why I’m giving it to you just for be subscribed to our email list.  

This incredible spiked plant, with anti-fungal properties, can be used to scrub your hands, sew your clothes, turn into shampoo, or clean personal parts of your body with.  In vitro experiments suggest that this plant’s constituents may exert anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, antiplatelet, and anti proliferative activity…

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