Author: Hit or Click

The Value of Primitive Weapons

A friend once reminded me, “always take a knife to a gunfight.” Sounds counter intuitive but hear me out.

Eventually, a gun runs out of bullets. Unless the gun is a Mosin-Nagant which can double as a “supreme war club,” then it’s just a heavy and fragile stick.  

Seriously though, a good knife is a real weapon even when the blade starts to dull. Find a smooth rock, invest a few minutes and you can sharpen that blade up real nicely.  

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Do you need a safe room?

Having a safe room means having a safe room that can stand up to the worst of Mother Nature and the worst two-legged predators. Do you need one? We answer those questions.

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6 Essential Survival Skills

If you are going to make it when civilization is falling apart, you must have a set of practical and honed survival skills. Here are six top skills, including one that may surprise you.

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Don’t make these common mistakes during a disaster

Some disasters hit without warning – think earthquake, tornado, a manufacturing plant 6explosion, a train derailment or even a terrorist attack. The biggest mistake people make when disaster strikes is not thinking. Use your head, be logical and above all do not panic. Thinking your way through gives you the best chance of coming through on top.

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5 Survival Kit Essentials You Must Have

Call it a bug-out bag, a SHTF plan or just a plain survival kit. It is the bag of stuff you need to survive if things suddenly go sideways. We mean more than just civilization taking the long jump off a short pier. Survival means making it when you get lost in the woods, your vehicle wrecks on a really deserted road and being prepared to live for several days with no help.

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