Author: Daniel Kuykendall

Can a survival watch save your life?

Most survival situation start off innocuously, they can happen when you least expect them, when you wander off from camp for whatever reason, picking berries, going to the latrine or just checking out the surrounding area.  There have been too many cases to count of people…


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Can your family be gray?

A gray man is an individual who can effectively and efficiently adapt to the baseline of whatever environment they are moving in, consequently allowing them to navigate the environment without notice.

When we think about gray man concepts, we often imagine a man embedded deep in the Middle East, walking through a market gathering Intel on the local population for some shady sector of a government office. This man is usually decked out in “covert” tactical gear and bad ass sunglasses.  However this is far from the truth and it is also far from any…

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Why Apple should not unlock a terrorists iPhone

Apple is getting roasted for not helping the FBI unlock a terrorists phone. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has taken the high ground in the fight for our personal freedoms and liberties despite how this may look to the publics eye. The outcome of this case will have a far reaching impact on how secure your personal info really is…

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How to Find New Members to Join Your Survival Retreat Group

 So you’ve decided to make plans to leave town and bug out in the event of a SHTF scenario or a societal collapse and either buy/build a retreat or move in with a rural relative.  You have a plan of action and the financial resources to accomplish your plan, yet you are only one person or single family unit.  The list of items to be accomplished in order to provide a safe haven for yourself or your family is endless.  Even if you…

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My first QSO!

During the filming of the bonus DVD for the Survival Communications DVD I had my first QSO which means “to communicate with” over the radio. David Pruett who teaches intro to amateur radio on our latest DVD Survival Communications guided me through the process and proper radio etiquette. In my limited exposure…

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What Are Your Prepping Blind Spots?

The cooler temperatures in the air remind me of the approach of winter and with it many of the things I take pleasure in. Colder days give me excuses to wear my big warm coats that have been stuck in a plastic bin all year. I get to break out a completely new set of hats to keep my head warm and my closet has undergone a revival, albeit a pretty pitiful one where my short-sleeved shirts are now replaced by warmer garments. Hunting season preparations are well underway and this weekend I will be sighting in all of my…

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Coffee methods for camping or survival

There is nothing more comforting and energy inducing while out in the field like a cup of coffee. without it I may never leave the tent and eventually freeze to death. In this video we explore 4 methods to making coffee whether you… 

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How do you camp without tent poles?

Who needs tent poles? Last min booking lead to 12+ hours in airports on 3 different planes. Add to that 6 hours sleep over past 48 hours and you are bound to forget something. Yes, I am setting up the largest excuse for for packing and Yes, you can slam me in the comments below….

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