The Preparedness Revolution Starts Now

Preparedness Revolution

It has been one year since COVID appeared as a threat to our country and the rest of the world. The true death counts are most likely not known as it appears there were a lot of deaths that were unrelated to COVID being counted as COVID deaths. Politics has also played a big role in this entire situation. Things have gotten completely out of control.

The country shut down like never before, putting an untold number of people out of work, and putting many businesses under.  We freaked out as a nation. We lost control of reality, we lost control of our economy, and we lost control of our emotions. We locked our kids up and forced them to learn at home, keeping them away from the real world.

People lost their entire life savings, people died from the virus, but many more lives were destroyed because of the lockdowns, and the long-lasting implications of the draconian lockdowns will not be known for quite some time. If COVID has taught us as a people anything at all, it is that our government cannot protect us. We must prepare ourselves.

Get out of your houses and go out into the woods. If you live in a large city, I guarantee you can drive to a remote area in a fairly short amount of time. Get out there and enjoy nature. Take your kids out there and teach them how to build a fire, create a shelter, purify water, teach them about plants and trees, etc. There is a long list of skills our families could be learning instead of sitting at home.

Don’t have any skills yet? It is never too late to learn. We have created twelve films, so far, on survival and preparedness. Can’t make in person training classes? Watch our videos and then go out and practice the skills you learn every chance you get. We are working on film #13 next week. More on that soon.

Don’t have money to spend on films? There are thousands of videos on YouTube where you can learn a massive number of skillsets from professionals in the preparedness industry. Some of the best are Joshua Enyart, a.k.a., Gray Bearded Green Beret, Shawn Kelly of Corporals Corner, and many others.

Do not spend all of your money on gear, we cannot stress this enough. Obviously, gear is incredibly important, but if you own $5,000 worth of gear and have $0 worth of training, you will likely fail miserably if you were ever in a real survival situation. Train, train, train. Everyone wants the newest shiny toy when it comes to gear, and sadly a huge percentage of people have never even used or tested half of the gear they own. A lot of people do not even know how far they would actually be able to carry their pack if they had to leave their home.

Bugging in is always the first choice. If you’ve seen our latest film, Green Beret’s No-nonsense Bug Out, you’ll realize you need a proper P.A.C.E. plan (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency). It is not guaranteed that you can stay at your bug-in location, so proper PACE planning is a must. Look at what happened in Texas. Dangerous situations can happen anywhere and at any time. You must have preparedness skills, now more than ever. Stop arguing about what scenarios are likely vs. scenarios that could never happen. Your needs as a human are your needs no matter what happens. Skills training teaches you how to provide for those needs, plain and simple.

Our country is not nearly as stable as it used to be. We as Americans must be prepared for anything, and we must be sure we are well trained as much as possible so that we can be prepared. It is time to get off of our assess and become self-sufficient again. It is time for a preparedness Revolution!

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