All Season Blanket and Tarp


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Adventure Medical’s All-Season Blanket/Tarp: Ultimate Outdoors Essential!

Elevate your outdoor experience with Adventure Medical’s All-Season Blanket! This isn’t just any blanket – it’s an all-in-one lifesaver in challenging situations and an indispensable companion for avid adventurers. Crafted with innovation and a dash of brilliance, it promises warmth, shelter, and a burst of striking visibility in the wilderness.

🏕️ Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile Heat Reflectivity: Engineered with a specialized vaporized aluminized coating, this blanket ensures you remain warm, dry, and noticeable, making it invaluable in crisis scenarios.
  • Rugged & Reliable: With an impressive combination of polyethylene and robust laminate fiber, this blanket doubles up as a hefty load carrier, easily supporting over 100 lbs., whether it’s firewood or game.
  • Shelter Innovations: Its brass grommets, fortified edges, and resistance to up to 37 lbs. of force, make it an ace at rigging diverse shelters. Rain, shine, or wind, you’re covered!
  • Not Just Another Blanket: While its high-visibility orange makes it a rescuer’s dream, it’s also a camper’s delight. Think tent tarp, rain gear protector, or a relaxing weekend lean-to. Plus, at home, it can shade, be a picnic partner, or even a motorcycle shield.
  • Durable & Designed for Many Adventures: Compact, lightweight at just 16 oz., and meticulously designed for reusability, this blanket is ready to accompany you on countless escapades.

Dimensions: Generously spread at 7′ x 5′.

Whether you’re braving the unknown or simply cherishing a weekend getaway, Adventure Medical’s All-Season Blanket promises protection, comfort, and a dash of style. Your outdoors adventure, now warmer, safer, and more vibrant!

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 11.25 × 6.5 × 2.4 in