Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking – Learn to recognize and fight it


Human trafficking, kidnapping, and modern-day slavery is a global problem that can happen to anyone, anywhere. It happens in the United States far more often than you would think.  If you see someone who you think may need help, don’t hesitate!

Please spread the word about what signs to look out for so we all have an opportunity to transform our communities into ones where there are no more victims, and please teach your children and loved ones how to be situationally aware, and how to escape from various restraints in case they ever find themselves in a dire situation.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an issue that affects all of us. It’s not something you see on TV or in movies – it can happen to anyone, anytime! What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the words “human trafficking”? What comes to mind? For many people, it’s an image of a dark alleyway with someone wearing a mask and holding a gun or knife, or a woman tied up and being carried away.

The reality is so much more complex than this type of dramatic portrayal suggests; At the same time, some forms exist, such as organized crime-related sex traffickers; most victims are not involved in illegal activities at all.

They range from being plucked off the street by criminals who promise them work abroad only for later forcing them into slavery or selling body parts up through emotionally manipulative individuals running scams on unsuspecting people, and outright violent kidnappings.

Human Trafficking

It is essential to be aware that while some traffickers take a more violent approach, others use manipulation and caretaking skills to control their victims. The former group might include threats or acts of violence; however, they also needn’t do so if the latter method works just fine.

It is your gut feeling that should send alarm bells ringing. If you see something you think is wrong and someone is in a dangerous situation, do something about it. Your intuition can save lives. We can all be more situationally aware of what is happening around us.

Here are some key things to watch out for:

  • Groups of women who live in the same house or apartment are picked up and dropped off simultaneously.
  • Someone speaking on behalf of others, and those others are avoiding eye contact.
  • People who seem scared and confused in situations where they shouldn’t be.
  • Being dressed strangely for the weather or their age.
  • People showing signs of physical abuse.
  • Having tattoos or branding (gang symbols, names, etc.)
  • Social interactions seem scripted.
  • Older men who act jealous and controlling of younger women.
  • Suddenly being given gifts or money and becoming involved in a fast-moving relationship with an individual no one seems to know.
  • They are being offered jobs or opportunities that seem too good to be true and usually require them to move far from their current location.
  • Has no identification or documents and/or is using a fake ID.

Now you know some of the signs of human trafficking, but what else can you do to prepare yourself and your loved ones?

  • Learn more about situational awareness and attend training seminars.
  • Take self-defense courses and learn Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Train in the use of firearms, often.
  • Learn how to escape various restraints such as handcuffs, rope, zip ties, duct tape.
  • Carry various Escape and Evasion gear on you, such as having Kevlar or paracord boot laces. (Learn more about these techniques from our film, Survival, Escape, and Evasion).
  • Always carry a bright flashlight at night when getting to and from your vehicle or home.
  • Do not engage with strangers when you’re alone, and do not be afraid to ask someone else for help if you don’t feel like you are safe.

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