Gray Bearded Green Beret IFAK

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The Brand New GB2 IFAK

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“In the search for what I felt was the perfect IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit), many were close, but none were exactly how I would want them to be. That’s why I have partnered with North American Rescue products to bring you the Gray Bearded Green Beret (GB2) IFAK.” – Joshua Enyart

The GB2 IFAK is developed around the military TCCC MARCH Protocol:

Massive Hemorrhage
Hypothermia Prevention 

“As with all my kits, I look at what I am trying to accomplish with it first, and then build a kit that adequately resources what I am trying to accomplish. The GB2 IFAK is no exception. The kit includes the proven resources you need to deal with a variety of wounds that are known to be common causes of preventable death on the battlefield, but I think we can all agree these wounds aren’t necessarily limited to the battlefield. Gunshot wounds, puncture wounds, lacerations, etc. can all come from situations that are all too common on our own streets: crime, active shooters, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, you name it.” – Joshua Enyart

GB2 IFAK Contents

Massive Hemorrhage/Circulation:
Black Talon Nitrile Gloves
Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Combat Gauze (Hemostatic Bandage) Z-Fold
NAR S-Rolled Gauze
Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD) 4” Flat

Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit with Lube (28F)

Hyfin Vented Chest Seal Twin Pack
Surgical Tape (2” Flat)

This kit can easily be incorporated into your current system. It can be broken up and distributed throughout a number of pockets, or placed in a cargo pocket. It fits perfectly in any vehicle’s glove compartment. No “Bug Out Bag” would be complete without it.

This kit, coupled with sufficient training on how to and when to use each item, can be invaluable for your overall emergency and disaster preparedness.

I personally recommend adding some additional items to make this kit even more complete. When it comes to tourniquets and the life-or-death situation in which you need one, “two is one, and one is none” couldn’t be more true. I recommend a second CAT Tourniquet to be used as your primary that can be grabbed quickly in an emergency, and the tourniquet inside the IFAK can then be used as the second tourniquet applied if the first one fails to stop the bleeding.

Being able to expose the wound to see exactly what you are dealing with allows you to get a better idea of what interventions you should be applying to save life or limb. This can be done with a good pair of trauma shears.

Lastly, Hypothermia Prevention (and treatment for and prevention of shock) is often a function of other survival priorities: Appropriate clothing as the first form of shelter, and also fire and shelter for Core Temperature Control. This can easily be supplemented with a very small, lightweight, and packable Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket.

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