Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

What if our worst fears about the future are coming true? What would we do if a food shortage caused widespread panic and rioting in the streets? What if war broke out here in the U.S.?  What if a high-altitude EMP struck the U.S. and took down most of the grid? What if an even deadlier virus was released into the world population? If you thought 2021 was bad, 2022 is looking to be even more insane. We don’t know if this is the start to the end of the world, but it sure does feel like it sometimes.

For years, people who chose to prepare for disasters were laughed at and ridiculed. They were seen as paranoid conspiracy theorists, hoarders, and even crazy. But now, just after a questionable global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, food shortages, inflation, a crisis, and so much more, “Preppers” are no longer looked at as crazy. They are the ones with the supplies and knowledge to weather most storms, while the rest are scrambling to catch up.

Preppers have always been ahead of the curve, anticipating needs and stocking up before everyone else. As a result, they are rarely caught off guard by events like this. They have food and water stockpiled, as well as medical supplies and other essentials. Most importantly, they have a plan. In a time of crisis, that preparation makes all the difference. Preppers are able to stay calm and focused because they know what to do and how to do it. They are able to help their families and communities weather the storm, while others are left floundering.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Food Shortages

With tensions rapidly escalating in Ukraine, the world’s largest fertilizer company has issued a warning that supply disruptions could extend well into 2023. The bulk of global supply has been taken offline due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, leaving many farmers and growers scrambling to find alternative sources for their fertilizer needs. Food shortages are a real threat, in the U.S. and around the world.

As supplies are in short supply and demand is high, prices for key nutrient inputs like nitrogen and phosphorus have skyrocketed over the past few weeks. With no end in sight to the conflict between these two powers, it seems likely that we will be facing shortages and price increases for many years to come. Unless things change soon, farmers and growers around the world should prepare themselves for a long period of hardship.

The world of agriculture is ever-changing, and the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had unanticipated consequences for global fertilizer markets. Western sanctions against Russia have reduced the supply of fertilizer on world markets, and this has put upward pressure on prices.

This new reality could have far-reaching implications for the world of agriculture, as it creates more uncertainty about the future supply of vital crop nutrients. growers will need to be careful in their planning and use of fertilizers, as any disruption to the supplies could have a profound impact on crop yields. This conflict has created a new reality for the world of agriculture, one that is likely to be characterized by greater uncertainty and higher prices.

This reduction in fertilizer use may lead to lower crop yields at a time when the world is already facing a food crisis. The ramifications of this could be devastating. In addition, lower crop yields would likely lead to higher food prices, which would place an even greater burden on the world’s poorest people.

Food Shortages


When a large-scale ransomware attack hit six grain cooperatives in the fall of 2021, many farmers were left scrambling to keep their operations up and running. Some were forced to halt production due to the disruption, while others lost access to critical administrative functions that were essential for managing their day-to-day operations.

There have also been a couple of dozen fires in U.S. food processing plants so far in 2022, but if you look at the yearly averages for fires, specifically in agriculture, Grain storage, and processing, this doesn’t seem to show anything out of the ordinary so far.

There are nearly 40,000 food processing plants in the country, so we’re not quite ready to jump the gun on these fires being set on purpose; not that it’s not a possibility, but the data does not appear to show that yet. If you look into each fire, it does not appear to be a major conspiracy, in our opinion, so far.

As an example of how things can get out of control, Tucker Carlson, who we love watching btw, talked about how odd it was that there were all these fires hitting food processing plants, and at the end of the show, he said that an hour before the show, a plane crashed into a General Mills building.

What actually happened, according to a Fox News affiliate, a small twin-engine Cessna, flown by a pilot in training, went down in a remote area of the plant’s property near some empty trailers, at least 300’ from the building.  All news media sometimes sensationalizes incidents, so be wary and ALWAYS do your own research.


Gas Crisis

To add insult to injury, millions of Americans are preparing to hit the road this summer, so the looming threat of a fuel crisis looms large. The busy travel season is just weeks away, and diesel inventories on the East Coast are at record lows, with refinery capacity in the region already strained.

Add to this the fact that natural gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months, and it seems clear that something has to give. Experts fear that as demand for fuel continues to rise and supply remains tight, there is a real risk of major disruptions to our transportation system. Many believe that this is potentially the worst since WWII for European nations, which of course, will affect America as well.

Gas Crisis


The global manufacturing sector has been one of the engines of the world economy in recent years, but that growth is now starting to decelerate. A number of factors are contributing to this slowdown, including supply chain disruptions, the rising cost of energy and raw materials, and geopolitical tensions.

One of the most significant problems facing manufacturers is a shortage of key components and raw materials. This is often due to disruptions in the supply chain, which can be caused by everything from natural disasters to political instability. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been one of the most disruptive forces in recent years, causing shortages of key inputs for manufacturers in a number of industries.

American families are feeling the squeeze of high inflation more than at any time in recent memory. Prices for food, travel and gasoline have all risen sharply, putting a strain on household budgets. Even necessities like clothes and rent have become more expensive.

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in an effort to control inflation, but so far, this has only served to further slow the economy. Many analysts believe that the Fed will soon be forced to choose between higher inflation and a recession. In either case, American families will continue to feel the pinch.


What’s next?

The powers that be in the government would love nothing more than to bury all of this news since the mid-term elections are coming out soon. So, what do they do? They leak a Supreme court document that may indicate a decision that could overturn Roe vs. Wade, knowing that it could overshadow all of these other major crises and mobilize their base.

Never mind the fact that it will cause riots and chaos and that they are pretending it will make abortion illegal, which it won’t. It will simply leave it up to the states to decide.  In fact, Roe vs. Wade has been questioned by many Democrats and liberal scholars over the years, including Sleepy Joe. (Dem, certainly not a scholar)

But I digress; this is not a discussion for a Survival company to get into. The point is, Given the highly charged atmosphere surrounding the issue of abortion, it is not surprising that law enforcement authorities are preparing for the possibility of violence and civil unrest in reaction to the impending Supreme Court decision, and once again, the far-left radicals are mobilizing their violent anarchists to hit the streets.

Death and Destruction

Death and destruction seem to be everywhere these days. Whether it’s the pandemic across the globe, the lockdowns that destroyed businesses and families, war, the ongoing bloodshed in war-torn Ukraine, or the shocking levels of violence in our inner cities, everywhere we turn there seems to be tragedy and suffering, and it’s only getting worse.

Every day, it seems, we are bombarded with more bad news. It’s enough to make anyone feel like the end is coming. But we must remember that in spite of all the darkness in the world, there is still light. There are still people who are fighting for peace and justice, and who are working hard to make a difference. We must hold on to hope, and continue to fight for a better future.


Larger Conflict? War with the U.S.?

Looking to flex its military muscle amid rising tensions in the region, Moscow has confirmed that its troops recently conducted simulated nuclear missile strikes. The drills, which reportedly took place earlier this week, are just the latest sign that Russia is upping the ante in an increasingly volatile standoff with Western powers. Russia still has not “officially” declared war, but that means nothing. Everyone knows we are at War.

We are essentially in a proxy war with Russia already, and we are taking many calculated risks in helping Ukraine, as are many other countries. If the United States was not currently led by such weak leadership, we might say there is no chance that we would end up in a larger war with Russia or “World War III.”  Unfortunately, we wouldn’t put anything past this administration, and we could end up at war for a number of reasons, mainly stupidity.

After the debacle in Afghanistan, we are viewed as weak, and countries like Russia will always pounce on the weak and assert their dominance. We were taught that in middle school if you don’t stand up to the bully, it’s only going to get worst.  To be honest, we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with Russia. But we do know how to prepare for a crisis. We have spent years making films on everything from bushcraft to bugging out.

What do we do now?

  • Put together our individual P.A.C.E. plans (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency)
  • Stock up as many emergency food rations as we can, preferably 25-year shelf-life foods
  • Ensure have adequate water filtration and water storage capabilities
  • Stock up on ammo and be sure your firearms are in good working condition
  • Have a Bug Out bag ready to go at all times. Plan to Bug in, but have that P.A.C.E. plan ready
  • Training!!! Get as much training as humanly possible. Online training, Live training, Practice on your own with family

Rather than go through an extensive list in this blog, we’ve broken down our recommended gear list HERE in a previous blog.


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