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Dr. David Pruett

ER Physician | AMP-3


Survival Communications

About Expert: Dr. David Pruett

David is a residency-trained board certified Emergency Physician practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to civilian practice, he spent 11 years as an Emergency Physician on active duty in the Navy. Before attending Medical School, he spent eight years as a paid-call Firefighter/EMT in Santa Cruz, California.

Amp-3 has given David a venue to teach classes and merge general preparedness with his special interest in field expedient emergency medicine in austere conditions. David is the lead Physician at his hospital on the Disaster Committee and a Ham Radio Operator (KF7ETX).

Over the years, David’s You Tube Channel (USNERDOC) has been used as a venue to post videos on Ham Radio, Medical Preparedness and special interests to him and his family. David has spoken to the International Space Station over 33 times via Ham Radio and has a passion for teaching.