Coffee methods for camping or survival

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There is nothing more comforting and energy inducing while out in the field like a cup of coffee. without it I may never leave the tent and eventually freeze to death. In this video we explore 4 methods to making coffee whether you are camping or there is a S.H.T.F. situation. 

Methods in video:

  1. Pour Over (Also known as Drip)
  2. French Press
  3. Tea Bag Method
  4. Cowboy Coffee

Advanced Tips:

Pour Over: After adding grounds to your hot water washed filter pour a little bit of hot water over the grounds, just enough to cover and lightly saturate. Wait 30 seconds before starting your two minute timer and pouring the rest of the water. This “activates” the grounds which will produce smoother coffee and release the most amount of caffeine. 

French Press: Add coffee grounds to empty container and pour hot water over the grounds then use a spoon to mix any leftover floating grounds into the water. Takes more coffee grounds to make a stronger cup. 

If you are curious about any of the gear used in this video, this is the list:

23 thoughts on “Coffee methods for camping or survival”

  1. It was a good presentation. I am 69+ and grew up using a porcelain drip pot. My Dad always said coffee was not strong until the spoon stood up in the cup…You don’t have to believe this.

    1. At home I use the porcelain V60 drip and although I have never seen a spoon stand up in coffee I like the way he thinks!

  2. I meant to ask, if it would be do able t o put the text of the presentation under it for those of us who do not her well. THANKS!

    1. That’s a great suggestion, I just got started with YouTube and I will look into the transcribing options for you.

  3. You have to be kidding. In a survival situation you will be lucky to even have coffee. People will kill you for it. Drip, press? How arrogant. Let get back to survivalism and drop the yuppie crap.

  4. I really enjoy this short video. Actually, we were told sometime ago to add coffee to our survival foods. It’s good a comfort food and more importantly a good barter item.

    1. Great for bartering, great morale booster, super lightweight, compact, and full of caffeine 🙂 Thank you for watching and contributing.

  5. Just a note on the temp of the water. If you usea hotter temp on regular coffee it brings out the bitter, however if you have a dark roast you can get the water as hot as you want without that side effect. however if we’re in a survival situation I don’t think anyone cares wHat thier coffee taste like.

    1. That is a great tip about the darker roast! If we find ourselves in a survival situation then that extra bit of comfort would be invaluable to morale, IMHO.

  6. I tried to subscribe as I like your information. However, my email address: [email protected] was not acceptable for whatever reason. I have had this address for over ten years, it is a legit email address through Bright House in Central Florida.

  7. It would be best if survivalist had a year or two of food, water, medications, sanitation, cooking means stored up ahead. Also have seed banks for planting gardens, and weapons for self defense and hunting. I store my ham radios and receivers in shelled out microwave ovens. My radio antennae’s are stored underground so they won’t be crushed with flying debris. My Geiger counters are the EMP proof type. If you have not started to prepping, start now. FEMA or the government will be of little use to the starving masses. The big question in not IF the collapse happens, but WHEN it happens. It could be tonight, or next year. Most people know this mother earth has reached its tipping point on how many humans earth can support. We are using resources faster than earth can replenish them, one after another. Just remember 50 years ago, one could look at the stars and see thousands of them, now the air is so polluted the stars seem to have left.

  8. Wel, I clicked on "Watch the video to learn quick tips about ferro rods. ", and I got coffee making tips… coffee would be th eLAST thing I want to take with me mhen I need to deedee to survuve. Water, food, knife, firearm & ammo, ground cover/tarp, medical needs, yes. Coffee, no.

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