Author: George Tire

An Opening Battle in an Unending War

I am, admittedly, a glass half empty sort of guy, but I did take a few moments last week to celebrate the defeat of one of the most corrupt and venal candidates to ever run for the presidency. That said I remain uncertain of the man I voted for. I hope for the best, but don’t know if he truly has the convictions and talents needed to save the…

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Stealing a great line, for me this is déjà vu all over again. In my former news guy life, I sought out hurricanes. A couple really hit me hard on a personal level. In 2004, while walking through rubble in Charlotte County, FL after Hurricane Charlie, I thought about the fact it had been forecasted to hit my then home in Tampa. Charlie took…

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Body Armor Info Source

Many preppers are concerned with defending themselves at some point and wind up getting weapons. Hopefully, they also get the training to use them responsibly and effectively. Should the grim day arise that we have to fight for ourselves and our…

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Valley Food Storage

Storage food that even your wife will actually want to eat!

Easy to prepare, assuming you can boil water.

Serving sizes are on the small size, so expect to feed fewer people or to add sides.

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The Radio That Could Be King

The AnyTone TERMN-8R handheld two-way radio has the potential to be one of the most useful radios ever made for preppers. The only problem is that you can’t buy one due to issues with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.) See more on that below. I did get to examine one of the few in the US for this review…

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Don’t Forget to Check …..

To err is human and humans make ammunition. If it is assembled like this 9mm Federal round was, it isn’t going to go bang and that’s a bad thing if you need a bang. I picked this round up after helping a shooter get his pistol up and running again. It was from a box of factory…

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Be Prepared

So, isn’t the main goal of a prepper to be prepared?

Scouting teaches skills boys don’t learn in school.

Becoming a Scout can make your son more capable and independent while reinforcing the values we desire of one another. If you join as a leader, you can enhance yourself as well as provide the example that boys look up to. All of this can make you a better prepper.


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Blue Line Breachers Badass Box

When this showed up, my first reaction was “what in the world?” The box was heavy, coming in at 17 pounds. I then remembered I was getting a review sample of a small gun safe suitable for mounting in a vehicle (though you could certainly finds places for it at home as well.) What I didn’t realize was that it….

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