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Do you need a safe room?

Having a safe room means having a safe room that can stand up to the worst of Mother Nature and the worst two-legged predators. Do you need one? We answer those questions.

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Don’t make these common mistakes during a disaster

Some disasters hit without warning – think earthquake, tornado, a manufacturing plant 6explosion, a train derailment or even a terrorist attack. The biggest mistake people make when disaster strikes is not thinking. Use your head, be logical and above all do not panic. Thinking your way through gives you the best chance of coming through on top.

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Be Prepared

So, isn’t the main goal of a prepper to be prepared?

Scouting teaches skills boys don’t learn in school.

Becoming a Scout can make your son more capable and independent while reinforcing the values we desire of one another. If you join as a leader, you can enhance yourself as well as provide the example that boys look up to. All of this can make you a better prepper.


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I Felt Prepared Until I Read This!

If you’re anything like me, you are pretty confident in the preparations and skills that you’ve acquired to protect you and your family in the event of a worst-case scenario.  Although we have all played out various victorious fantasies in our heads, this article made me realize I was seriously underprepared…

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