Free Chapter from our DVD, No Strings Attached

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As most of you know by now, we launched the Survival Skills DVD series last monday, and I have to say that I am completely blown away by everyone’s interest and support.  We knew it’d be a winner, but didn’t expect it to be that big of a winner…  So THANK YOU for making it a huge success!

While many of you are still waiting to receive the DVD’s in the mail, I figured I’d send you a chapter of the DVD now, so you can enjoy it while you wait.  If you haven’t ordered, then just consider this a little sample of what we do…

We were so inspired by Robert Allen at Sigma 3 Survival School, that eight of us spent this last weekend practicing some of the skills, and I have to say that the 24-48 hour fire was a life saver!  It was freezing cold at night, and soaking wet during the day.  This one little piece from the DVD made a serious difference between us camping comfortable, or suffering through the weather. 

Pictured Above: Chad Cooper from Infidel Body Armor

19 thoughts on “Free Chapter from our DVD, No Strings Attached”

    1. It kept us very warm, and was great to be able to cook anytime we wanted! Many benefits!

  1. Nice, great to learn a new method, from an old timer that thought there was nothing new in the long term fire building

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      I had the same thought when we filmed it! Never occurred to me to use dirt to control the burn rate.

  2. Nice, we did something similar in the Army 35 years ago, but we dug a pit about 6" deep for the firat layer of logs, and used that dirt for the filler.
    Using a pit you can eliminate any chance of the burning logs rolling off as the center colapses, and lessen the chance of a spreading fire- I notice it did not look like they cleared a ‘safe zone’ around the fire build…

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      Awesome, let us know how it works out for you! We just went on a camping trip to test everything out and it worked great! The spacing or the logs and how much dirt you add really impacts the fire’s heat output and how long it will last. It made for a great cooking fire, every meal the 8 of us made over three days was cooked on that fire. If you want a little extra heat just add some wood to the top.

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      Methods of processing wood with just a knife are addressed in a different chapter on the DVD but we also show how having a folding saw in your EDC can go a long way to saving you calories.

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      Don’t wait until the time comes, get out and practice 🙂 Then share your experience. Really happy you are happy with the video!

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      Dave and I will be in Utah for two weeks real soon. Have a great trip, such an amazing state. Let us know how the 48hour fire works for you and if you try anything else from the DVD.

  3. This is one of the smartest videos I’ve seen on fire making. Everyone shows how to make a fire, but I have never seen this method on how to keep it going for long periods of time. Kudos for a great presentation! I’ll certainly add this to my skill-sets.

    1. Thanks Dary,

      We’re really proud of this DVD, but more importantly, the content is killer. This fire really makes a difference on your overall comfort level, especially if it’s pouring down rain! Good luck out there! Stay safe.

    1. Daniel Kuykendall

      Out of all the brands we tried on the trip the Silky Ultra Accel 240 performed the best. We will be releasing a short video review on the saw so you can see it first hand.

      1. thanks I never thought of carrying a folding saw with me.. usually if I know I’m going to be outdoors for a while I would carry a machete or a larger knife, but a folding saw looks like a great idea

        1. Daniel Kuykendall

          This was the first trip I carried a folding saw, usually just an ESEE-5 and a smaller carving blade. Having the folding made life so much easier and took most of the work out of procuring wood. Never going camping without one again. Try it next time and let me know what you think. Get the Silky Saw on Amazon, we all had different folding saws and that was the fastest. We did a quick video talking about our personal experiences with the Silky saw and others that we will post this week. Keep an eye on the blog for it.

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