Learn how to prepare and protect yourself and your family.

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[NEW] Active Shooter & Mass Casualty Events

From the minds of Tim Kennedy & Mike Simpson | SheepDog Response


LEARN: Firearm Fundamentals | Stress Induced Weapons Training | Eliminating Threats | Situational Awareness | Caring for the Wounded


Blade Care

From the minds of Leo & Craig | TOPS Knives


LEARN: Anti-rust techniques short term and long term | Best Practices for Sharpening | Best Angle for Sharpening | Make your own Blade at Home | History of TOPS 

Harsh Environments

From the mind of Kirsten Rechnitz


LEARN: Cold/Hot Weather Clothing | Priorities of Survival | Campsite Selection | Campsite Preps | Shelter Building | Tandem Bow Drill | Knife Techniques | Get Rescued | Primitive Glue | Primitive Pencils | Hygiene Practices | Make a Dart for Hunting | Fletch a Dart | Primitive Cordage | Trapping Small Game | Processing Food | Identify Good Meat | Cooking Rabbit | Navigate to Water | Wild Edible


Escape & Evasion

From the mind of Jack Richland | BlackScout Survival


LEARN: Escape Handcuffs | Escape Duct Tape | Escape Zip Ties | Escape Flex Cuffs | Escape Ropes | Escape from Car Trunk while Bound | Conceal Carry Escape Tools | How to Pick a Lock | How to Evade | Anti-Tracking | Counter Surveillance | Untraceable Communications | Lock Picking using Found Items | Cellphone Complacency | Anti-kidnapping techniques | Everyday disguises that will make you virtually disappear


From the mind of David Pruett | AMP-3


LEARN: Licensed and Unlicensed Communication Options | Why Scanners are So Important | What Legal Dangers You Need To Know About Your Non-Licensed Two-Way Radios | How to Develop Your Own Life Saving Comms Plan | Multiple Portable Power Options For Communications | How To Assemble A Grab & Go Comms Kit | HAM Radio Language And Etiquette | Tips On Getting Your HAM License & Getting On The Air | Your First Radio DIY Projects | Access To Free Custom Resource Guides To Get You Started!


Bug Out

From the mind of Jonathan Hollerman | Grid Down Consulting


LEARN: Secrets of the Bug Out Bag | What gear to pack and what to leave | When to bug out | How to minimize visibility | How to handle conflict on the road | Finding a spot to camp out | Obtaining clean water | Proper hydration | How and where to store preps for everyday activities | Gear review

Land navigation

From the mind of Top Albritton


Declination | Compass types | Pace count | How to navigate without a GPS | How to make your own compass | How to correctly read a topographic map | Understand "Declination" and why it's important | Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water (or other essential resource) | Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it | Determine what makes a good compass | Route planning and selection



From the mind of Robert Allen | SIGMA III


LEARN: Critical Survival Tools for EDC | Knife Sharpening | Cold Weather Shelter | Warm Weather Shelter | Tarp Lean To | Plow Point | Sip Well | Carbon Water Filter | Bow Drill | Bow Drill With a Student (So you can learn from his mistakes) | Tipi Fire | Ferro Rod | Diamond Blowing Technique (You'll never start a fire without this technique after watching this video!) | All Night Fire (Which should be re-named the 48-Hour Fire) | Snare Trapping | Body Hold Trapping | Paiute Deadfull | Meat Preparation | Meat Preserving