Silky Saw – Folding Saw


Silky Saw – Folding Saw

There’s one item that I never had even considered when I first started putting together various levels of emergency bags or “Bug Out Bags,” but once I discovered it, I rarely leave home without it!

If you watched our DVD series, Survival Skills, with experts from Sigma3 Survival School, you’ll quickly know what I’m talking about as he used it in nearly every scene.  That’s right, a Folding Saw.

I cannot stress strongly enough, how important this tool is.  However, more important, is that it’s a quality folding saw.  I had the chance to work with a few different saws and was shocked to see the difference in quality.

Check out this short video, and leave your thoughts below.  What item is your most important?


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  1. Really appreciate the demonstration. Hate to count on such an important item and find it unable to accomplish the task at hand – especially in an emergency situation. Thanks.

  2. I would also like to see the Silky compared to the Laplander. Just recently learned of the Silky, but have enjoyed my Laplander for about 2 years now. My first folding saw was similar to the cheap one in the video. It does work, it’s just not as good.

    1. We’ll have to look into the Laplander. From what we’ve learned here at the Survival Summit… any Saw is better than no-saw… however, the Silky seems to be the top of the line. I’m may order a laplander just to compare the two… thanks for the comment! All the best…

    2. Hi Tony,

      Just following up again. I ordered the Laplander, and although it’s a good saw, it really can’t compare to the silky. I’d certainly keep the Laplander, but I’d try to upgrade to the silky if and when you can. You’ll see a very big difference!

      Good luck!


  3. You get what you pay for, I have tried several in the field, and the real cheap one’s broke. good thing it was only on a camping trip. I tried the Silky bigboy 2000 at just under $100. and it has survived and look forward to really putting it to the test

  4. we have used folding saws on the farm for over 50 years pruning fruit tees. the saws become dull with use. however there is a hand file and saw tooth angle guide available that will definitely keep you saw in perfect shape – razor sharp. also animal fat such as bear fat will keep the saw from corrosion or sticking from pine sap.

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