She Needs A Name!

We’re finishing up the edits to our latest DVD, staring Survival Expert Kirsten Rechnitz, but we need your help naming it!  It’s all about surviving in the harsh environment of High Desert & Low Mountains…

Check out the short teaser video, and leave your title suggestions in the comments below!

 Kirsten Rechnitz - Survival Expert and Coach Kirsten Rechnitz – Survival Expert and Coach

 Kirsten Rechnitz - Survival Expert and Coach Kirsten Rechnitz – Survival Expert and Coach

Current Topics Include:

• Campsite Selection
• Clothing For Harsh Environments
• Cooking Techniques
• How to Spit Roast a Rabbit
• How to Make a Rodent Calzone
• Making a Dart & Primitive Cordage
• Fire – Tandem Bow drill
• Fire Tools
• Spoon Making
• Burn Bowl
• Boiling Water
• Making Pitch Glue
• Pencil Making For Rescue Writing
• Using Pitch Glue to Repair
• Hygiene (Feminine and General)
• Plant That’s Better Than Toilet Paper
• Knives
• Safety
• Cutting Techniques
• Rose Cut
• Planing
• Making a Sharp Edge From a Rock (If you don’t have a knife)
• Land Navigation
• Finding Water
• Identify Man Made Objects On A Map
• Identify Land features

• Car Practice
• Preps
• Campsite Preps
• What to bring to the wilderness
• Pemmican
• Flower, water, etc
• Processing Food
• Skinning
• Organ Removal
• Unique Way to Wash Your Hands
• Rabbit Tail
• Rescue
• Signaling Mirror
• Signaling Fire
• Tripods for Signaling Fire
• How to Lash a tripod
• Shelter
• Ridge Line
• Debris Shelter
• Finding Duff Material
• How to Collect the Material Efficiently
• Identifying Trees That Are Good for Duff Material
• Making a Door For Your Shelter
• Survival Priorities, Conversational
• Trapping
• Paiute Deadfall
• Wild Edibles
• Yucca Uses

Tell us the name you have chosen for this film below:

88 thoughts on “She Needs A Name!”

  1. When I watched the sample clip, the title "Inside the Outdoors with Kirsten Rechnitz" came to mind!

  2. Sweating in the desert: Have to realize, if you cant see something, it doesnt mean isnt there.

  3. Well, your other DVDs maintain a fairly simple title theme in that they start with the word "Survival" and then just state what the DVD is about; "Survival Land Nav," "Survival Bug Out," "Survival E&E," etc… I’m sure someone could come up with a very clever title for this DVD but in keeping with your theme, maybe the title should simply be something to the effect of "Survival Desert & Mountain."

    The skills you need for surviving the harsh environment of HIGH DESERT & LOW MOUNTAINS.

  5. SURVIVAL: How to Live THROUGH any Survival situtuation, with KIRSTEN RECHNITZ
    The ‘Full Monty," Techics for Desert, to Mountain, East to West,
    Hot and Arrive, Cold and Wet-Successful Living and Extraction

  6. Your email described this video as being "…LOADED with incredible content" so my first reaction was "Loaded for Survival".

    Then a few others came to mind: "High Desert Bushcraft"; "High Desert Survival"; "Survival Camp with Kirsten Rechnitz".

  7. 28 Plus Desert Skills (aka "KR’s – How to live off the land if Hitllary steals the election.")

  8. Survival Unsexed was my choice for several reasons.

    1-We all know sex sells, so the strange word (unsexed) has a great marketability (banner click thrus for affiliates)

    2-Shows survival isn’t always sexy, although it’s being preformed by someone that is.

    3-Survival training is for both sexes.

    4-Stays with the theme of: Survival …

  9. Basic Desert Survival – Its not just for guys!
    Bring the girls too – Survival skills for everyone
    Bring your girl too – Survival skills for all adults
    Jack & Jill Survive

  10. I was thinking a phrase that gives a message contained in an acronym, for example:

    GET L.O.S.T.!*

    Leader Outdoor Survival Training

    Let me know if I win the all expense around-the-world trip!

    Don, Riverside, CA

  11. Looks great. Can’t wait! I know that rock. Called her Aunt Jemima for 40 years but not PC now.
    Had great vacation with family in vicinity in late June 85 degrees to 115 or more. Lessons in hiking from the old guy. That shelter was a lot of work. "Surviving Anasazi Country" "Getting by in High Desert and Slickrock". I hope the fire making with the spinning stick covers in detail the base, wood and notch for my Granddaughter. Very cool location!

  12. I have seen all the DVD’s now and they are great. My Grand-daughter is much more interested because Kirsten is she. My suprise, my two 5 year old Grandsons were mesmerized by her building fire for at least half an hour. For them to be still half an hour is a big deal. They see campfire in the back yard fifteen times a year and built with flint and steel. The information provided is really great. The detail of bow drill fire building and making an atlatyl dart cannot be beat. You should add her building a throwing arm in future videos. I have seen one of the few surviving throwing arms in existence. It is worth the view at the old Favill Museum in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Best I recall, the vintage was about 7000 years ago. It was pre the design with the two finger holes.
    Kirstin’s wooden bowl was a great idea for treating water. Some of the people on the TV survival shows would like to have one of those. She gave me a thought about creating a large water filter from a log section. Kristin is makes a great presentation. She kept on impressing so I looked her up online. Vanderbilt no less. Made sense to me! Your editors also did a really good job. Keep up the good work, I like you guys.

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