Survival Skills & Fire Piston Bundle

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Survival Skills Online Streaming

Sigma 3 Survival School’s founder, Rob Allen, guides you through the finest details of the most required Survival Skills. This 2 disc set is packed full of all of the bushcraft skills need to survive in a longterm grid-down situation.

LEARN: Critical Survival Tools | Knife Sharpening | Cold & Warm Weather Shelter | Tarp Lean To | Plow Point | Sip Well | Carbon Water Filter | Bow Drill | Tipi Fire | Ferro Rod | Diamond Blowing Technique | 48+ Hour 0 Maintenence Fire | Snare Trapping | Body Hold Trapping | Paiute Deadfall | Meat Preparation | Meat Preserving

Hickory Fire Piston

This brand new Hickory Fire Piston kit is made in the U.S.A. and has been field-tested to be of the best on the market. The Survival Summit Fire Piston Kit comes with a Hickory Fire Piston, Char Cloth, Extra O-rings, and 6′ of 4 ply Jute cordage, which makes for a great fire starting birds nest.

The Hickory Fire Piston consists of a hollow cylinder, sealed at one end and open at the other. A piston with an airtight circular seal (o-ring) is fitted into the cylinder. The piston has a handle on the end to allow a firm grip to be applied to it, or a large enough surface area to strike it sharply without causing pain while the cylinder is braced against a hard surface, and it can be completely withdrawn from the cylinder.

The piston has a notch or recess on or in its face, into which a piece char cloth is placed. The compression of the air when the piston is quickly rammed into the cylinder causes the interior temperature to rise sharply to roughly 500°F, which is hot enough for the char cloth in the piston face to ignite. The piston is then quickly withdrawn before the now-burning tinder depletes the available oxygen inside the cylinder. The smoldering char cloth can then be removed from the face of the piston and transferred to a larger nest of fine kindling material.

To make a nest of fine kindling material, simply pull apart all of the strands of the Jute cord and make your own “birds nest” for easy fire starting. You can even coat your Jute cordage with wax for a longer and more intense burn, as well as fully waterproofing your cordage. The Survival Summit Fire Piston Kit comes with instructions to make your own Char Cloth as well.


  • Each Fire Piston comes with Char Cloth (2) Extra O-rings and Instructions how to use the fire piston
  • Comes with 6′ of Jute cordage to make 6-18 birds nests of varying sizes
  • Instruction on how to make more Char Cloth
  • Dark Walnut Stain
  • Metal: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Wood: Hickory
  • Weight: 2 oz


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