Escape & Evasion & Titanium Pick Bundle

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Escape & Evasion Online Streaming

Join Jack Richland, a US Marine Veteran and CEO of Black Scout Survival as he teaches critical Escape and Evasion skills and techniques to turn you into his personal student, and gives you the up-close and critical details with crystal clear instructions, to turn you into a captor’s worst nightmare.

LEARN: Escape Handcuffs, Duct Tape, Zip Ties, Flex Cuffs, Ropes, from Car Trunk | Conceal Carry Escape Tools | How to Pick a Lock | Evasion | Anti-Tracking | Counter Surveillance | Untraceable Communications | Lock Picking using Found Items | Cellphone Complacency | Anti-kidnapping | Everyday Disguises

Titanium Lock Pick Set

This unique set of lock-picks is made from titanium, providing ultra-lightweight picks with a long life of rust/corrosion-free use. Mil-spec design for the adventurous operative.

This set is comprised of a feeler pick, a diamond pick, a ball pick, a hybrid diamond/feeler pick, a combo rake/tension tool, and a modified diamond/tension tool. All of these tools are contained in a secure compact pocket case.

Weight w/case: 0.4 ounces. Case size: .4″ x .9″ x 3.3″. Made in the USA

Handcuff and lock shims, keys or picks are only to be used to escape unlawful custody, and in accordance with federal, state and local laws.  It is up to you to follow your jurisdictions applicable laws.

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