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Wilderness Medical – Nearly 5 Hours Long!

Wilderness Medical Trailer from The Survival Summit on Vimeo.

Wilderness Medical stars Joshua Enyart, aka Gray Bearded Green Beret.  Joshua takes you into the woods to give you the knowledge to handle the most common injuries in the backcountry using dedicated medical gear as well as improvised techniques in order to get back to civilization. From tried and true methods to improvised methods, this film is packed with an insane amount of medical information. Each chapter is packed with techniques, knowledge, and demonstrations from improvised to TCCC certified methods.

Film Features

  • Medical Gear Discussion
  • Common Camping/ Hiking Gear for First Aid Use
  • Blood and how much is needed to Survive
  • Direct pressure & Elevation
  • Wound irrigation & Disinfecting
  • Pressure Dressings
  • Wound Packing
  • Tourniquets Technique and Demonstrations
  • Ankle Splints
  • Leg Splints
  • Knee Immobilizers
  • Arm Splints & Slings
  • Wrist Splints & Slings
  • Finger Splints & Slings
  • How to deal with Burns
  • Pelvic Injuries
  • Neck & Back Injuries
  • Blister Care & Prevention
  • Improvised Wound Closure Techniques
  • Major Injuries
Trusted Reviews by our Customers
You'll love it too...
Bruce N. on Oct 03, 2022

Great personality and with humor. I found it very informative and learnt alot. I will get more of Gray Bearded’s tutorials.

Binyumin Aharon Lane on Aug 11, 2021

Easy to understand

Shawn C. on Jul 27, 2020

Always happy with this company. Only thing I want is more videos and more content.

Tom B. on Apr 20, 2020

Fast delivery, great video material. Makes me want to take EMT training…

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