Survival Land Navigation Film

Land navigation

From the mind of Top Albritton

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

Off grid Land Navigation 

Tech will fail, either in everyday life or in an emergency. This film will get you up to speed on how to effectively navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a compass and a map. If you need more, this film has it from finding where you are, primitive compass techniques, hiding caches, and more…

LEARN: Declination | Compass types | Pace count | How to navigate without a GPS | How to make your own compass | How to correctly read a topographic map | Understand “Declination” and why it’s important | Find where you are on a map so you can correctly navigate towards water (or other essential resource) | Hide and locate a secret cache without losing it | Determine what makes a good compass | Route planning and selection

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About Expert: Jeff Albritton

Featured in: Survival Land Navigation

Top was born a 5th generation Florida native where he grew up and enjoyed all the outdoor activities that the year round climate provides.  From the beaches, to his grandparent’s ranch he was constantly finding himself in the outdoors engaging in water sports, camping, fishing, hiking, shooting and more. 

Top joined the US Army Reserve in 1982 and within a few years transitioned to the Army National Guard where he retired as a First Sergeant in June of 2004. During Top’s military career, he served as a Mechanic, Artilleryman, Air Defender, Recruiter, Operations/Intel, Instructor and Branch Chief at Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Academy. He spent over 13 of these years working on active duty assignments within the Guard with one of the most rewarding being assigned to head up a team within the Counter Drug Program. His duties included assisting numerous local, state and federal law enforcement in counter narcotics and smuggling interdiction activities. 

During Top’s military career he took pride in being provided the opportunity to train, mentor, develop and lead thousands of soldiers, cadets and trainees on a wide variety of skills to fight and survive. It’s no secret that Land Navigation was one of his favorite subjects. 

Today, Top works in the agricultural risk management business where he employs skills he learned in the military every day. He also stays engaged in his past by running a small side business called Tops Tactical. Using his military experience and multiple NRA instructor certifications, he continues to train folks on the skills they need to survive and thrive.