Ferro Rod, When Smaller is not Better


Ferro Rod

With fire-starting being one of the most important things about survivability and one of my personal passions I was excited to talk Ferro Rods or otherwise known as metal match. I see so many tiny and portable ferro rod options out there and it upsets me that these things are being sold. Watch the video to see a direct comparison between a small ferro rod and it’s larger superior brother.

Why bigger is better, which Ferro Rod to buy:

Gear List! Awesome things in this video:

Hope you enjoyed this video, post your comments about your own tips and tricks with Ferro Rods.

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To learn about more about Ferro Rods and other suvival skills like the diamond blowing technique check out our DVD produced in partnership with Sigma3 Survival School:

4 thoughts on “Ferro Rod, When Smaller is not Better”

  1. "smaller and lighter" = better. Sometimes being able think outside the box is first to recognize there is a box. Good advice. Thanks.

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