Robert Allen

Wilderness Survival / Urban Survival / SERE / Tactical Field Skills

My personal belief is that No Way is the Way.Simply stated, “use what works” and throw out survival skills that make no practical sense. My skills are a mix of military methods as well as the Old Ways of our ancestors. Ever since my youth I have had a calling for the wilderness and a love for the wild places. I believe it is important for every man to pit themselves against mother nature to truly know themselves and that everyone seek to train themselves to be able to survive. Though I will teach many classes, I do not plan to be the main focus of the school as many founders in the other schools try to be. My skills are more than acceptable in all the fields and I have made it an obsession to train under the best instructors in the world in my own personal training. It is my pleasure to personally recruit the most talented instructors from across the planet to teach what is their best specialty skill. A person who is an absolute master of their specific art. My mission is to provide the highest quality training with the best instructors for prices that most can afford!