Dennis Jones

Staff Sergeant Dennis Jones is an Army combat veteran with over 10 years of active service within the Military Police Corps. His certifications and specialties include Airborne, Air Assault, Modern Army Combatives Levels I-IV Instructor, Special Operations Combatives Program Instructor, Protective Services Training Course, Anti-terrorism and Evasive Driving Course, and Gracie Survival Tactics Trainer. As a Military Police Soldier he has conducted supervisory community policing operations within the CONUS environment, supervisory tactical policing operations within the OCONUS and combat environments, and served as the Team Commander for an installation level Special Reaction Team at one of the U.S. Army’s largest CONUS installations.

Dennis was selected for assignment to the U.S. Army’s only executive level protection unit in the Military District of Washington where he developed and implemented a unique Unarmed Defensive Tactics program specifically tailored to the mission of personnel protective operations.   He most recently was assigned to the an Executive Protection Unit in the DC area, where he created a Defensive Tactics program specific to the PSD mission set.

In addition to his military specific endeavors, SSG Jones holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, competes in both military and civilian MMA tournaments, and participates as a Competitive IDPA shooter. He has worked and trained alongside a number of specialized Army and DoD Agencies in diverse environments and in uniquely varied tactical capacities.